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Eh I like the challenges and the graphics a little bit. So the 6th challenge is easy get 25 points easy. Marvelous

Good game but on challenge 25 I have to get 35+ points 6 times in a row. I raged so hard, in nearly cried. Can you make it less points to get or less times in a row? Not just for me but other people. Perfect!

I paid $2 to remove ads, but I still see non-stop video ads ("do you want to try this game?" With yes or no buttons) occasionally and the game constantly shoves those "watch a video for a boost" and "watch a video to revive" options in your face. Not what I pictured when I decided to pay for the game. The gameplay is fun and the game is addictive. I just wish the ads weren't so intrusive, especially after paying for the game. Go well

Very addictive, love the challenges, and the different levels, also different vehicles. Whoever says it is bad just ignore them, it is such a great and fun game that you will spend hours on. Go well

It's Alright but it keeps crashing after every advert and when I complete a level wow lol

I like the game the control's are a bit wonky but I feel like it works to its advantage as it makes it more difficult, I do have a problem with it freezing every few minutes but it can be fixed by closing the app and starting it up again, Bit it is a descent game and​ a nice time killer I would like the freezing to be fixed but I am still going to give it a five star. Good job guys keep up the good work Superb!

Its very good but it woupd so much better if you fixed the controls and made so u dont die when u do nothing like i die when i ride through the ground and thats caused caude the game is glitchy. The game is alot lile motor hero which i prefer with the beter controls and not buggy but if u fixed those things this would be better alot better Perfect!

The game doesn't even load I have been waiting for an hour and it's still loading like I really like the game but i can't play it Cool

The controls need a bit reworking, and there's a little lag with the adds, but this has some potential... wow lol

its a good looking game however ads crash the app often and some of the challenges are very luck based you cant control the amount of gems you are going to get yet some challenges require you to get an exact amount in a row which is just based on luck unlike gravity switch where u got one at a time Worth a go!

I like this game, but can you add a brake button because on level 15 i cant stop the bike, because i always fall of the platform or get crushed by it. Enjoy it!

Ok so this game lags so bad for me and when I die I get a blank black screen everytime it makes me so mad and I just want to unistall the game and never download again Well done!!

Very addictive and fun but every time an ad comes up I exit out of it my screen goes black then the game crashes. Not bad

Amazing game, i dont think i have ever rated a game this good! Im addicted. I would love it if there were a feature that if you stop you die, what do you think? I also like you fidget spinner app. Works great

This game is so fun I love it some levels are hard but it's challenging so the game will last longer Perfect

One thing. Why do I ddie when nothing is supposed to kill me??? One thing that i saw is that the wheel pierces through the road, and the body touches the road, and I die. Also really buggy and slow on my J5 Prime. Fix and ill give my 5 stars Just wow

I love how the game was planned and how its played. It could be a challenge sometimes but that's what makes a good game. Keep it up with the great games team! Fabulous!

The game is amazing thank you ketchapp for making it everything is great especially the graphics Perfect!

Super buggy. Load into game and crashes. Sometimes I'll go through the level and die and when I restart the level it crashes Must have

The game is great. It could have more beautiful led and make it easier to get them. It has crashed as well wow lol

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