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This game was great at first. I was addicted. I even paid the extra money to get rid of the ads. But after a while it gets repetitive and boring. After you get all the cars, after the quests that are to hard and unrealistic and the levels that is is basically impossible to get 3 stars on even the easy levels, it's just not fun anymore and I actually get annoyed by the fact that I still have the game on my phone. The bugs are also really bad. Fix the bugs and controls and I will redownload. Sorry for the harsh review but it had to be said. Must have

Over all, great game. Two things that would make this a five star would be as other reviews said, there should be a gem counter to know how many gems you are getting in that game. Second thing is that I wish it displayed the current mission at the top, and your progress aswell. I have loved all of ketchapps games, and this one is quite good too. Flawless

Way much room to improve So first you could get more bikes in there and add more levels and make the resolution better like 1080 or something add more achievements and more of those levels that you get when you are just playing that game outside of the levels. But other wise great stuff great stuff keep it up. Also some missions are impossible, unless as someone else's comment said you play 16 hours a day Just wow

It has potential, but this game really needs work before it's polished up. There are many annoying little bugs and glitches, and your high score is kinda based on getting lucky with map generation. Difficulty is imbalanced and controls are limited. However, the game stays persistently addicting. Amazing!

Great game, a lot of fun. Just a couple of things (possibly beyond the scope of the game) that would earn that fifth star. First, more stuff to spend the in-game currency on, I've got all the purchaseable bikes and am now just stockpiling currency. Second, some variety in what the bikes do, it appears they are all the same but with different sprites. However, the game is a lot of fun and I'm glad I installed it. Recommend

Over all, I think it's pretty cool. It's like a modern arcade game. Whenever I'm bored I would play Rider and I would no longer be bored! But Ketchapp, YOU GOT TO GET RID OF THE ADS!!! Every three rounds I play, It always has an AD. There's also a bug where when you are offline it gets SUPER LAGGY. But it's good when I have Wi-Fi though. WELL DONE GUYS! Worth a go!

For such a simple concept this is a really fun game! I find myself trying to squeeze out as many flips as possible in all the jumps. Graphically it's very nice considering it's such a simple UI. Great fun, quick and easy time killer 5/5 Cool

For a game with only one "button" to push, such an easy control schematic is really comforting, given the fact that this game is TOUGH! Tuff with a capital TEA, Earl Grey, HOT! Challenge this game if you dare! It's remarkably addictive as Vicodin, but also just as delightful a feeling as when you pass a level. The graphics are insanely perfect. The beautiful futuristic glowing neon lights are a pleasure to the eyes like the Las Vegas strip at night. Sound effects and music are really well done too. If you like car stunt games, try this one out. I'm certain you'll like it. It may frustrate you at times, but there is no greater reward than when you succeed at something difficult. Believe me... The few moments when I cried out in cheers of victory truly overcame the many moments where the Homer Simpson in me were expressed. "D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! Whoo-hoo!" Yeah. So totally worth it. Go well

It's fun when wasting time, but as a game its leaning towards annoying. The physics are all off, the bike flips on its own, and the bikes will randomly gruel to a halt out of nowhere on the track. Another big downside is how the progress is not saved on the cloud. So if want to continue on another phone you have to start all over again! Fabulous!

Great time killer. Sure it can be hard to control at first, but when you get used to the controls it's pretty fun. Edit: Annoying bug after completing the 100th challenge, the game freezes and you can no longer do anything with the app Recommend

This game is ANWESOME! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE CHALLENGES! I have an idea to make this game a bit better... add points when you are in the air for a long time! I think that would help a lot for people who don't wanna die... but yeah this game is so much fun! If you are reading this and haven't tried it... Download it NOW! :) Cool

This is a really fun game and it passes the time easily. My only complaint is that it get progressively more difficult to remember how many gems you've collected on the challenges that ask you to collect a certain number of gems multiple times. Perhaps you could show the number of gems collected during the run next to the players total and then add them at the end of the run. Amazing!

Addictive game, well worth the price to remove ads and double coins to support devs. Will keep me occupied for the next month! Only criticism is that every new bike unlock forces you to use that new one. I hate having to keep changing back to my favourite. Good

I think this simple mobile game is great! Its fun and exciting. The only thing that i dont really like is that even when you hold down on the screen it flips fowards. So when youre playing you should make it so when you touch the left of the screen you flip backwards or drive backwards. Other then that its an awesome game! Keep it up! Pretty good

This is a good time consuming app. It's unique in it's own way. However, there seems to be a lot of bugs, such as the revive button taking me to the main menu, or sometimes the bike flipping by itself when I let go of my screen. I do like the synthwave feeling and aesthetic of the game, and the music is quite enjoyable. Overall the game is enjoyable and fun. Good

I think this game is great but the controls are a little odd. The controls work great but you can't reverse and you can only tilt in one direction. So if you get stuck you can't reverse out and have to reset which is annoying at a really high score. And because you can only tilt in one direction you can't correct your vehicle very well while in mid air. Fantastic

The game itself is ok, but the amount of bugs in the game is annoying, add that to the logic of a normal vehicle compared to the logic of a rider vehicle, and you'll see that this game sucks. Maybe if it was more logical and maybe if you were on one wheel it wouldn't instantly kill you because a normal vehicle has a chance of not falling on its back, but in this you instantly die. Fix the bugs and the logic and then I'll consider rating higher Brilliant

Addicting- the game is definetly addicting, can't stop playing it Bad controls- no braking system, so of you hit a speed boost and you have a blade ahead, your screwed. Ads- they are used for extra lives, but sometimes, you watch the ad and it doesnt give you an extra life, and you loose your high score. Other- wants to know if you want to revive when you have a score of 17, but sometimes does it when your score is above 60 Good

Cool game! It really is. But there are many bugs like the weird bumps in the road that let you die, you can't see them because on you screen the road is perfectly flat but you still bump against them and that is really frustrating. Please fix this bug. Cool

Physics are sometimes unreliable(tend to bounce or stick to sections that shouldn't cause those) and certain obstacles can be prone to flipping the bike with little user control of the situation. Over all a fun game but could still use a little work to make it great. Not bad

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