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Fun thing to wake up your mind and for making your friends think, fun app, tons of riddles Cool

Great littler app, but not allot of riddles you will run out of them rather quickly Awesome

Super Perfect

It's okay, but some of the riddles are quite silly and don't make sense, and some of them are just jokes. It also repeates the riddles quite a lot, just in different wording. It's really fun to play with family and some of the riddles are really good. Highly Recommend.

I love it it's the best game I love ridles like guessing things this is the right game for me Cool

It's ok but some of the riddles are poorly thought out and don't make a lot of sense. For instance, one is about a man who somehow falls asleep and 7 people die that he's responsible for. Why? He "accidentally" shut the lights out for the lighthouse he was working in and a boat crashed. Um........ that's not a riddle. If it was, anything could be a riddle when you assume certain things will happen. That's not the only one but the first that made my decision to uninstall and find another game that has more common sense. Pretty good

I liked this game because it gives me riddles and I guess it and i had some wrong and some rite and i actually wrote some of them in a paper Perfect!

It's ok but I don't like the fact that it is giving me the same riddles over and over again,but its cool and enjoyable .. My friends and I have a lot of fun and it is good to play it when you're having sleep over. Works great

Best apk This apk is the best in riddles I founded many apk but they were giving wrong answers Not bad

The questions are very interesting and making me think quiet different...they r also acting as a stress relief to me. Awesome

App is good but ad below the content are so rediculous that I really need to uninstall it Enjoy it!

I think people should try to figure them out and be nice about what other people think about this game/riddles don't judge on what other people think about it just be nice Amazing!

Its a really fun and addictable app but I know you guys can do so much better. Marvelous

Brilliant I love it because of the riddles are amazing no one knows any of them so I love it thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Highly Recommend.

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