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This app is better than Kira Kira.The glliter is so beautiful & Bling bling. I love it. wow lol

great app but the water mark is a little bit too extra and we could be able to add glitter in already took pictures and videos Perfect!

I love this app but I had an issue with it. I changed to new phone recently, I purchased those 2 filters in my old phone and when I restore this app in my new phone, it showed purchase complete but those 2 filters still locked, please help me to fix it. Surprisingly

finally something that's similar to kirakira.. the glitter is so cool but the watermark is ugly, you can crop it out of the pics... it doesn't allow the use of front flash.. but it's all good for now.. hope it would get better WITHOUT purchasing or paying Works perfectly

This app does what it says it will, and it doesn't have ads like KiraKira. My only complaints would be the watermark & the fact you have to purchase 2 of the 8 effects. That being said, it was only 99 cents. I would however only expect in app purchases if there were much more selections. Fantastic

Can't wait for updates and i hope you'll consider my advice. I'll tell what i would want from this app: 1.better way of chosing the glitter intensity 2.not taking that much quality of photo 3.more than 15 seconds of video...(no limit would be perfect) Well done!!

this is the Best one, but I wish you can delete the watermark for free cause it's kinda annoying and please doesn't ruin the quality of it's picture Fantastic

Works just fine!! Although would prefer it to have the option to remove the watermark.. overall satisfied! love it

Great app...can be improve more. Wish that this app has the function to edit the pre existing photos Great job

*Video lags *The yellow background is ugly *The icon is ugly too *The watermark should be gone when you pay Works great

I kirakira+ on my iphone and this app is not that bad. I really like it because i finally found the android counterpart of kirakira+, i rated 4 stars because of the watermark. Please consider making it a little transparent because its really eye catching, or just remove it at all. THANK YOU. Recommend

Glitter effect is beautiful, but logo makes everything look bad.I'm ready to buy it in case there will be no logo in paid version. Enjoy it!

Love this app i would give 5 star only if u give settings to remove watermark.. Pleasee Muito bom!

I adore it. Please, allow videos with unlimited time, or the use of front flash, then I will rate with 5 ⭐s, at least if it's possible to use the front flash. Recommend

I love this app, love that you can adjust the sparkles size, doesn't lag, wish I can remove the water mark, overall is a great app Marvelous

It creates a nice glitter effect, and you can control glitter intensity upto 5 levels. Was looking for a nice glitter app on android as a substitute of kirakira+. Haven't used that one but this one solves the purpose. Only bad thing is the watermark! :( Perfect

Would be better without the watermark. It's to stark. Plus if we already purchase the app we should have the option to remove the watermark Not bad

The most similar to KiraKira Plus, absolutely gorgeous and dazzling. It adds a little lag to the video but nothing too serious. Doesn't ruin the HD. Fabulous!

It's the best It's like kirakira Well done!!

To be honest, the camera quality is better than kirakira+, but i hope they'd remove the watermark and fix the lag Fantastic

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