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I was having an issue with loading the live map showing all vehicles. The app would close with a restart or leave feed back option. After uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times over the last few weeks I now see there is an update that fixed the problem. Thanks fleetmatics.. ! I was getting very frustrated Go well

Major fail with latest update. App will launch but won't connect and function. After doing uninstall / reinstall App is now working love it

Useless after last update. ZTE Axon 7, Galaxy S. I had to delete data and cache, uninstalled, reinstalled, finally works. Maybe I shall drop to 2 stars... Works great

Latest update caused app to not work. Had to reinstall to get it working again. Seems to be working ok now. Awesome

After the last update it wouldn't work. Had to uninstall it and then reinstall it then log in. Works great now. Galaxy S5 an s7 Cool

Semi-functional After the latest update, Live Map isn't working properly. Most of the time I get just a black screen. I haven't had a chance to test the rest of the app.

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