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The Best! Ive been finding an app like this for months! And I don't care about the haters in this app.I hate people who hate these amazing cameras that was made for people to play along with.

It's okay but.. If I can download it on android I would like being able to take videos also..the picture are not any fun.

Importing videos I've paid for this app so why can i not import my videos from my gallery as the ad stated?

GREAT its everything i was hoping for!! only 2 ads per open and thats a relief. the only thing i would love for you to add is color effects, exporting, and adding this effect to videos we already have. other than that, I LOVE IT!! THANKS SO MUCH

Kinda slow, workable, but.. They need to take off the website of the company it just ruins the moment... Because everyone sees that and not the actual pics and videos...

Can't record after a while of using it At first,the video was working perfectly fine than after a while, the app says that my phone does not support the recording, please fix it please

No audio??!? Video is awesome!! But im not getting any audio during playback, just a bunch of broken static... please fix!!

Fix Could you please allow it to upload in social media. Instagram & Twitter never are able to upload it.

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