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It is cool app but there's a tiny a bit of problem. It doesn't include full screen resolution which is 16:9 for phones which are below SDK 19. Can u also fix it. Works perfectly

First when I used it was good but after somedays picture qualities are bad..white n blur types..I think there is need a update system. Fabulous!

I didn't gave one more star because of its stickers. it's stickers made its imprression weaker , better you add a remove sticker option Cool

I love this cam and the filters are unbelievable. but there's just 1 tiny problem,can you please fix the focus? because when I take a picture it has a blurr.but other than that...I love this app. :) thank you. Awesome

Really like the filters (especially a select few) but why doesn't it allow you to zoom in?? Is it just me..idk that would really make it better. Also I think you should change the app so it automatically saves pics you take so we don't have to go back or press save every time and it's better for taking multiple instant shots! Please & thank you Perfect!

This aap new update is not good, photos are getting blur and the face showing very oily, don't know what happened to he. Awesome

I luv the app But there is a problem with it .when i record my voice it doesnt sound proper plzz fix it........ But i really really luv this app Go well

One of the best free photo slash camera apps that I have used. Takes awesome pictures but also unique animated GIFs and videos. Perfect!

Improve pixls of pictures. I've S6 edge original nd the picture quality of app is not good as compared to phone's cam 5 star

Don't worry guys don't look fake comments it's a really good app for taking pic in many colour... ♚ Great job

Hey there! This Retrica is the most awesomeeeeeee App I've ever downloaded. They also have so many options to choose from. I love it!!!! Love you lots!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️ Amazing!

Video ki timing bht kam hai 15 sec plzzz isse zyada kijaiye in nxt update 1_2 mints rcrd to honi chahiye Worth a go!

Nice app .mi use daily frds also like this app ..I recommend my frds about retrica Recommend

It's the best app of photography I ever seen. The filters of the camera is amazing. Omg

The best camera app , I've ever used. All the filters are amazing. Have some unique effects and simple and easy to use! Great!

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Developers of the app need to make a total change of the app if they dont want to loose people using these app.After taking pictures if i'm not connected to internet can't use stamps stickers and save the pictures.They don't apare when you want to use a stamp if the phone is not connected to internet.what is the meaning of these app if you canr use't free whitout limitation Surprisingly

Saved pics.. saved as all black! Not opening adjusting the brightness or level of filter Enjoy it!

In such a developer I want to say that the during of such a video is only 15 sec just make it bigger the it's video during on the next update. Recommend

It will not support Night Mood..I mean In Night or in Dark places it wont come gud..plz fix it..Otherwise its awesome Go well

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