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NO !BLACK AVATARS! ON THIS GAME. THAT I DON'T LIKE! WOULD OF BEEN PERFECT IF THEY HAD EVERY COLOR avatar. BUT OF COURSE, NO Its ok. It's fun. Perfectly addicting. The right amount of challenging. I don't like that u have to purchas3 the additional spunky AVATARS and !NO BLACK ONES.!. I wanted a black avatar. LBVS. But other than that its cool.! They actually give u a FAIR amount of gems on this one. I can actually buy stuff from what I make off the game instead of spending real money on gems to buy things. I hate games where they do that. I installed and deleted a few apps before finding this one. Doesn't have that many ads. Does have a couple though. I wish it didn't have any at all. I finally found a good game. YAAAAY☺ 5 star

I liked it but not too much because in this we have to continue in the same hotle till we don't have enough money to buy the could be more better i think so but yes it is fun to play Awesome

Upgrade some deco. I have a lots of money but all my decoration was maximum. Nothing to do with the money now. But the game was awesome. Please upgrade some. Awesome

Great game to play to pass the time and it's totally offline if you want. I would give it five stars if it had more world's/resorts not just three. Anyway it's still a good game. 5 star

Once you spend some money you can upgrade quickly. Where's the new hotel? Going to delete it if no updates are soon available Go well

I really like the game. It needs more resorts though. I am going to get bored if it is not updated soon. Fabulous!

Love the game however been recently checking for updates because it's still on the Christmas one and we're going on March and there's no new updates to get it out of Christmas so hope that happens soon otherwise love the game Perfect!

I like this game but the way the resorts have been sorted and the screen size means the 'buy this' floaters are over the far left room meaning if you don't have the gems you keep clicking on it. The other part is the ads on the end screen go over the next button and you have to go home then go back in. I have a Samsung TabA so it shouldn't be an issue. Fantastic

Something is wrong with the page setting. If you press on the chalet unit on the far left it will click on the booster tab and use up gems. Worth a go!

I love this game because gems is easy to come by! You get free gems in every level and it's totally free! Gameplay is smooth too. All you have to do is save coins to upgrade the resort, but after awhile upgrading becomes slow because upgrading will cost a lot more. If you are looking for stress-free game, and wants a time passer, this is the game for you! Well done!!

It is the best game I have ever played although u have to pay to get some characters but the best thing is that no adds pop up while we play Amazing!

This game is very addictive and i love playing it but it has alot of ads i purchesed to have no ads and 3 days later my progress restarted and i have ads and a small cart again. Go well

Very good game you must try it,s very simple and awesome I am not understand it,s level Brilliant

Its a good game. You have to quick on your toes to deliver the things fast to the customers. Recommend

Not super difficult and if you really want you can level up everything without spending a bunch. Perfect!

I love this game. Keeps me busy and even awake at night just to get more diamonds and coins. Very entertaining. I just hope that there will be an easier way for us to get more diamonds and more game stages. Must have

I've downloaded this game a few times and it takes a while for it to get old. You can play this without​ wifi or even when you have no mobile connection! Plus it's super easy. 5 star

nice graphics the game has amazing graphics and other characters. i give a 5 out of 5 stars on the graphics and design Superb!

It's stopped again nd again...I just play once nd than in the next level it's stopped....why dis prob is??I just love dis dis prob plz solve it Great!

Awesome game, fun building until you pay for everything that you can with cash. After that need gems to upgrade and advanced....and of course YOU HAVE TO BUY GEMS. Pretty good

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