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It is good for finally reposting other Instagram pics in their original form and with original text. Still haven't tried much, but like it so far. Perfect

Update: had too take a star away. Now when i click to copy link, nothing happens. Ii have to open RP, it just lags, then go back to the post and hit the link again. Been happening forever. Old: Paid version is cool, I tested one of the paid ads. Can't fine analytics. Can't recommend for that, but i do really like the paid repost app. Worth it!

Works well but just a couple of bugs. For example, sometimes the multiple-photo posts still contain watermarks and authors so you must turn them back on and off again to hide them. Sometimes you must force quit the app so it can automatically open correctly when "copying" a post. Small glitches, but great app overall. Amazing!

I just don't like all the ads and for some reason it gives me an error every now and then saying it can't repost "this will be fixed" other than that it's cool! Go well

This app is great when it actually works. I've had to uninstall and reinstall is multiple times because it'll just randomly stop working Marvelous

A lot of pop ups. I thought I was doing something wrong at first. That's really the only thing and you gotta wait to upload videos. They do this so you can upgrade and it'll be instant. But I'm fine with waiting Marvelous

It Keep Saying Problems Processing The Video , We Fix This , But Ain None Fixed , What Yall Gone Do ? Awesome

If it would work all the time itd be great. But the ads kill it, and kicking you off. Must have

Decent Repost App This app works well at reposting pics and videos or even saving to your collection. A while back you could view your fees in the app but not anymore. It still works well though. Awesome

This app works sometimes...which is annoying. But when it chooses to work, it's pretty good Worth a go!

I like it but sometimes it's hard to connect sometimes the bugs need to be worked out because I should be able to repost thing's quickly sometimes reposting takes all day it repost when it feel like reposting but I'm going to keep it for a Lil while longer just to see but if I keep on doing this I will try another download for reposting thank you in advance Awesome

It stops and closes, after a few seconds, with every use. I am hoping for an update soon, otherwise my rating will change and I will cancel pmnt. Great job

This app was great until it started crashing recently. I've tried it on 2 devices and it says error 9/10 times I try to repost a video. I pay money for this app and run a business that this app has been helpful with on social media but now it's not worth my money unless this gets fixed Great job

Like it,but it doesn't work A LOT. What happened to this app. About 15 times the photo won't open past the first arrow. I uninstalled, reinstalled and it still wouldn't post. Gotta fix these glitches. It's annoying. Otherwise it's ok. Pretty good

I just started using it so far its good. Just a question? On why some of videos without a URL cant be posted? The reason i downloaded this was to share that specific vodeo but i can't Not bad

Best interface to work with as far as resharing Instagram posts 5 stars. Couldn't be happier! Highly Recommend.


I would definitely give 5 Stars if when I click to repost it didn't fail 70% of the time. I always get a "error processing this video" . I have to uninstall and then reinstall just to get the repost to work. If it worked fine it would be fantastic. But that's not often the case Good

wow lol


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