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Not ad free Purchased thru app of the day and first thing it asks is, do I want to purchase the ad free version for$1.99. Uninstalled and tried again thru app of the day, same thing, do I want to purchase ad free, what the heck, not as it said....not ad free.

I have always had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Worth it!

the " nature sound " app with the leaves is MUCH better. Omg

Background sounds. Brilliant

don't like ambient sounds while I sleep. Pls help

Just miss one option How to let the relax music stop after 20 minutes? Its go on forever, and wake me up after 2-3 hours :( Great!

Excellent The melodies are amazingly superb. Just play n close your eyes. Rest it will take care until you sleep. Fabulous!

AWESOME APP!!!! DON'T HESITATE IF YOU NEED SOOTHING SOUNDS, ESPECIALLY AN APP YOU CAN PROGRAM IN YOUR FAVES AND SAVE FOR RESTLESS NIGHTS!! This app was more than WORTH downloading...I love how you can pick your SOUNDS individually and add music and each have a level you can hear one louder than the a 10 if there was as much music as classical, flute,, cello, different things to play in background..very pleased THO...thank you for making this app, AND FOR MAKING it's wonderful!!!!!!!! Just wow

AWESOME I really liked this app it actually works and is just.... wonderful can't even describe! Keep up your good work! Pretty good

Out of world Excellent. I felt really relaxed & in altogether different world. Lots of blessings for creators of this app. God bless you. love it

Amazing I have insomnia and anxiety and this has helped me sleep so much better. Didnt believe it till i tried it and now happy i did. Worth it!

Relax music & sleep Awesome! Change your music, save your favorite rhythm, set your time. Restful sleep is always in store. Highly Recommend.

Sound continues during ongoing call!! The app doesn't stop when a call is ongoing... And keeps on humming in the background while u talk...that's the main drawback! Well done!!

Poor quality sound loops This app has very poor sound loops...obvious gaps and short loops makes it impossible to relax. Omg

Sends me off to sleep The music is nice and sends me off to sleep. The tracker is a bit odd, but other than that, fab. Good

Good selection of sounds,Poor quality So close to being awesome free alternative to sleep for droid. Missing a good continous loop quality,the sound files used need work imho as it's not relaxing. As a result I'm going back to another apo, might be back if there are future changes. There is no sound graph either like u get in other apps Recommend

Solid app It has a good selection of sounds for customizing music, an easy use app, and it's interesting to see how much sleep you actually get. The only problem is that there are too many water sounds....makes you have to use the bathroom. Awesome

Amazing! I use this app all the time. Great for meditation, relaxation and getting a good night sleep! Works perfectly

DX: r e l a x This has done better than any medication or treatment I have had for anxiety, depression and insomnia - just sticking with the learning process and trust these developers... Great app.! Flawless

Does its job perfectly I have a similar app om my ipad ehich i paid for. This app, although its free, delivers pretty much the ipad equivalent does. Using it everyday now Amazing!

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