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GREAT APP!!!! This app is amazing and everyone has a place. You can colour, roleplay, like other people's pics and other things. You can Import your own pics and colour them, then you can also colour Recolor's pictures. You can comment on peoples pics and publish your own. I'd describe it as a colouring Instagram. If you like colouring, this is the app for you. You can host contests and enter other peoples. You can roleplay in the comments of pictures and just colour, if that's what you're into. Definitely get this app, Fantastic

I love this app so much! It really calms me down when I'm angry or upset and it really helps me express myself. I also love that you get daily tokens each day you come to the app to get the locked pictures! Thank you so much for making this app!! Great!

Very cool! Freezes horribly on a chromebook though. This app provides free coloring pictures and an option to post them if you wanted! (Account can be private or public). There are 3 new pictures put on recolor daily. The 3 pictures are available free for the first day! (If you are in the middle of coloring them, or if you finished coloring, they stay in your gallary!) All together a good app. Well done!!

I love this app. I have a suggestion to you and that is if you can leave a suggestion box in the game and people and write what pictures they want the next day. It would be best and everyone can get pictures they like. I love colring humans most so that it all I must say. I hope you guys can make this happen. Enjoy it!

this app is amazing! i love the colors and the artwork- absolutley stunning. the only thing is that recently, i cant color anything. i can only press the artwork, then it takes me to the page where you're supposed to color, right? then i try and press a color and that wont work, i cant color anything, and i cant zoom in or out. i can only exit the coloring mainframe. everything else in the app works, for example scrolling through stuff and liking pictures. it would be great if you could fix this because i love this app and well, im missing out on really nice pictures! so please fix this Good

This app is ok, but it's very slow to download the pictures and most of the pictures and features have to be payed for, and the subscription is not cheap. The app has great features that are free however, and it is very calming to color the pictures. There is a lot to love and hate about the app. Highly Recommend.

This is the best app ever but the thing that I don't like is that you have to buy certain pictures that I can do freely on another coloring app an the prices are way too high fix the prices and more people will buy it otherwise I'm in love with this app Worth a go!

This has been my all-time favourite colouring app for about a year. The only issue I have, however, is the fact that I no longer receive login tokens to unlock new pics to colour. It gets pretty boring colouring the same free pics over and over, so I'd very much appreciate if this were fixed. Amazing!

AMAZING! Easy to use for any age, or artistic ability. YOU can join for a yearly fee, and have access to all palates-- I did not, cannot afford it right now. BUT in spite of that, I still have access to enough PICTURES and PALATES I can spend hours daily and never be bored. (Which I do! ) ALSO. If you suffer from stress, depression, PTSD, OR really any MH DISORDER that leaves you wonky. THIS CAN HELP CALM YOU DOWN, EVEN IF IT'S FOR A LITTLE WHILE. Awesome

IT...IS...AMAZING! The only problem with it is that when I tap the screen it zooms in and it gets so annoying, can you solve that please? But apart from that the app is AWSOME! Flawless

I loved this app until it stopped working. I bought a Samsung Chromebook Pro so I could use the pen, it worked great for about two weeks. This past Friday it stopped working, I will use the Chromebook for other things but since this was the primary reason for buying such an expensive Chromebook it is really upsetting. If they can fix this issue I will gladly give it 5 stars because it is an awesome app (when it works) Well done!!

The one thing I dont like about this app is we have to buy the pictures with coins y can't they just be free Awesome

Uh, I really love this app. It helps with my anxiety and everything. However....uh...I'm paying for monthly. Why am I being prompted to pay for stuff again????? Help!! I wasn't to give this 5 stars, but I'm confused and a little irritated.... Works perfectly

I love this app but i coloured many images and just dissapeared what happened? Now i dont know if i shud paint more bcuz im afraid tgey will disappear too! Pls solve it out. Brilliant

Great game although the funny or die ads suck. They do not work properly and its extremely irritating. Great job

I can't find any kind of settings, and from what I do see the functions are very limited. Kinda fun coloring in with a gradient in one tap, but there seems to be only "crayon" for coloring yourself, no way to increase or change brushes, and no pen tool for adding background or something. Unless subscription adds a lot more, this is nothing more than tap-to-color-with-numbers kind of app. Awesome

This app for those who love coloring, no matter what age they belong. For me this app relax my mind and refresh the mood. Even through this app I know my coloring n imagination capability and good for learning purpose too as we can see how other paint/colour the pics. Kind of fun. Dislike part : I don't like the subscription part. That's why ⭐⭐⭐⭐stars. Marvelous

Great app, stress reliever, but I still don't understand why you have to pay to unlock things. It will be a better app if everything was free. Not to sound like a cheapo. Well done!!

Idk how or why but my 5 yr old subscribed to the 9.99 monthly plan even though my account has a password block. I don't think that its ok. I mean the app is great it's self but bypassing a password block is kinda irritating me. And now I don't know how to get a refund Great!

By far the best coloring app I've ever used!! Beautiful new pics every day, lots of color and effects to choose from, super easy to use, and the ability to share your pics and see other people's Fabulous!

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