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OK but To many server restarts and some tanks are over powered and there's no new skins but besides that its a awesome game Fantastic

The best game of all This game made me SO addictive to it. Played it when it was FIRST RELEASE and its my favorite game. I'll play this game day and night over and over. Amazing!

Amazing as always Simplicial Software, all your games that i have played always made me addicted to them, i played for 3-4 hours a day, I am really into nebulous right now, and I'm happy to see your new game! Fantastic

Subscribe to me on YT? I'm so close to 1000 Subscribers on YT, It would help if you can subscribe to me, Channel Name: StrawBerry Nebulous! Thanks Just wow

Subscribe to me on YT too? StrawBerry has sooooo much subs why not sub to me hes got soo much im only just growing channel name: BSG (search BSG nebulous on YT) Works perfectly

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