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Not so good Lots of lag ok controls. Honestly there are better games out there. Hope the can improve this because I love there games Go well

OMG I've been waiting for the Creator nebulous and snake 2 make a better and none laggy version of Fabulous!

You are the best Thank you because you make what I ask you in orborus its really fantastic keep the great work .thx Works great

More tanks i love the game but plz could you add more tank classes plz btw i have installed all your games and plz could you make the custom skins so athor players can see them plz Superb!

Amazing Ive played nebulous for almost a year and orbulois for almost 4 months now and rebellious i cant believe u made this its amazing i would recomend these games to everyone its amazing and thank you for making it Just wow

Needs some something unique I enjoy all of your newest games but lately it seems that they are basically the same thing like, . I might suggest triangle shaped projectiles or sticky blobs, special powerups, the ability to summon a mini support tank. That's just to name a few. Works great

Its nice game But nebulous needs an update and fix lag there is too much lag in nebulous you guys must make a update to nebulous Go well

Love it sssoooooo much I have installed all ur games its amazing this game is better than depio way better if i could rate more than5stars Perfect!

I like tbis but i have thoughts for nebu :D Bring in more non-animated skins into the game, i am sick of using my custom skin knowing that the clan can see nothing so it would be cool if they saw a cool normal skin and i saw my cooler skin :) other than that i just want to be able to feed from all my blobs and maybe a new larger map? Also if you have made custim skins why not test ur skill more and make it so we can make our own custom maps (even if no one else can see it) Flawless

Cool plus guys if u read this pls make sure to sub to my channel Micronebu gaming Flawless

This game is grate I love this game, but i have to agree it might die down a little so you should make more updates to nebelous and also how can (Arcade go) get his own skin and not any other youtuber who has supported your game (like myself) get their own skin in your games Good

NOT FAIR my high score in survival is 104,440 and its the 1st in all time BUT ITS SAYS NULL WHY FIX IT my name is ヽ(´▽`)/шใเเყ ут and I have the best score I can do a video about it my channel name is willy wonka plays γτ please fix it Pretty good

SUBSCRIBE TO ME TO HIT 100 SUBS Cool but Why in the world you die so fast I can't even kill cuz they kill me so fast but what was I expecting right its a new game but its a cool game Enjoy it!

More tanks i love the game but plz could you add more tank classes plz btw i have installed all your games Must have

I will tell the company that made all these wonderful games I love play with your games and I hope you install another games and thank you very much Perfect!

Awesome It's perfect, the game has no lag, haven't seen a single ad since I got this app Fabulous!

I played this in early access and it was cool but u couldn't use XP booster so I hope you works now :) Well done!!

Pretty cool There's nothing bad about the game but if the developers could make it a little easier to upgrade yourself I will upgrade my rate. Pretty good

Better than! I love this game so much! This is as addicting as Cookie Clicker! Ahahahahahahaah! SO ADDICTING!!! Good

Bug Hi Please Fix this Bug In my clan the minimum level to join is 200 , i have account level 80 , the leader sent clan request to my account level 80 , I received the request but when i accept it it says ; "Player does not meet the minimum level requirement to join the clan" The bug too in Nebulous please fix it thank you Highly Recommend.

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