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I just downloaded this and from the other awesome games these people have made I think this game will be as good as neblous my 1# game:) Omg

I KNEW YALL WOULD DO THIS I WAS THINKING YALL WOULD DO THIS THE DAY BEFORE U DID, im actually starting to think i can predict what will happen in the future. I mean like all the time i think someone will say something/ do something and, u guessed it im always right Cool

This game is amazing!!!! Keep going I want you guys to be as big a clash of clans lol wow lol

Awesome Even if the app is underdevelopment, it's still pretty good. P.S what does life steal do? Pretty good

Good gams I've been a fan of these games neb , orb and now Rebellious this game is really prankster Gangstar I hope you add more tanks because the tanks here are much better than XD Flawless

Cool game I really like your game though i know theres gonna be some more updates coming up but i guess you guys should let us sign in with nebulous account i sm level 220 Just wow

CONTROLS It's a good game I like all yall .io remakes the only reason I 4* it is because the controls is different an 2 hard 2 control Go well

Love it but can be better. I like how the tanks can have special abilities but can you add more tanks and more abilities plz. And add power ups and fix some issues.i hope you read this commit and take it seriously. Pretty good

Gg. The game is good, no lag for me, and my internet doesn't even let me watch YouTube, if you have lag get better internet lol. By the way, another great .io remake. Good

Solid 4 stars Once again i enjoy your product better. However there are issues. Very easy to survive. Maybe add unique weapons at certain levels after your original 3 upgrades. It lags with damage at times. Flawless

Upgrading Please update because on single player it stops at 25 upgrade points and it's not fair thank you Pretty good

Im happy...and exited Im so happy cas was fun ... nebulouse is funner ...slither was fun... nebulouse snake one was mehish... cant wait to play this nebulouse version of so EXITED Recommend

The new Nebulous Omg this game is very fun to play. It's like Nebulous but with TANKS! How cool is that!!!!! Worth it!

Its Not Bad LAGS SOMETIMES, There should be more people allowed into a map at a time. Get more upgrades for your tank Highly Recommend.


Regen still heals way to quickly You practically do nothing to each other, especially if combined with armor upgrades, too. Edit: Yes, I noticed that, but my point was that regen already heals way to quickly, and is just made worse with a high armor rating. Other than that, I love the game, and would raise my rating to at least 4. Fabulous!

it's good the reason why you get kicked out cus your internet no problem for me I have unlimited data p.s keep makeing games like this love your work (: (: (: Worth it!

Lags offline! I love this game so much, but when I play offline it seems to lag but it's offline soo why would it lag(please fix) Works great

Very Goodヽ(´▽`)/ I rated 4 stars because its a little bit laggy.Pls make more tanks and easy to level up.Thx For The Game.IAMYOURBIGGESTFAN Brilliant

Pretty good. It pretty fun, pretty difficult starting off. But I give it 4 stars because I hit rank 24 and the game began to lag pretty heavily, then it frozen, I respawned and was at rank 1 again. Superb!

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