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Amazing! You Need A Button Called "Tank Creator" That You Need to create your own tank ,keep up the good work! Perfect!

Finally! I can become fully upgraded! Not much people play it. Which is good because I can finally not die on a game like this Amazing!

You are the best Ous games are the best plus please make an ofCline server mode that he custom tanks!! Must have

It's cool but... The person that made this game is very lazy it's a copy of nebulous but everything else is cool I guess... Brilliant

Very entertaining Though I'm not sure what all of the upgrades are for don't really care it's fun. Surprisingly

Cool This Game Is Cool Cuz I Won Even They More Higher Lvl than me And Cool Life Steal Well done!!


Great. With issue Could you make the game a little more fast paced ang make it easier to aim power ups Superb!

Make it lan multiplayer!! Plss support lan multiplayer via hotspot so i can play with my friends.and ill rate you ☆☆☆☆☆ love it

Need controls like diep It would be nice to have controls like because its very hard to controll Muito bom!

There should be a mine layer tank That'll be quite cool if there was a mine layer.... And bosses Worth a go!

I love your games I liked nebulous orobous and now rebelious comon great work diserve more credit and keep in touch with me so i can keep up on your great games i will also diplay some videos of me playing all three games at my youtube chanel NxGxRANGER one more thing could you fix the slightest bits of lag if you can if u cant its fine but if u can then do thank you verry much Enjoy it!

Love it, but..... SO MANY DAMN CRYBABIES. I STEAL A LITTLE SQUARE AND THEYRE LIKE "GIVE IT BABABABABABAAAAAAACK!" Other than that, love the game! Can you try to make a parody or for your next game? Good

Need more tanks in rebellious If you guys add more tanks I will come back to this website and comment a nice one and rate this game to 5 stars and tell my other friends to play this and others that this is the best game ever!!!!! Worth it!

AMAZING AND BETTER THAN DIEP.IO But! I want the level will be the same as nebulous please I first started on nebulous and iam level 205 XP I want to be in Rebellious too and Orbrorus please do and fix it please Simplical software Great!

Great game "Love it!!!!! Way better than mayhem MODE is horrible I mean make purple black holes and better working poweups....if they did I would rate it five stars...." Go well

Loved It But... You need some tank class names in it and I need something had a Full damage like... (Machine Gun/Destroyer/Annihilator) and Can I see bots selecting level 30 tanks in single-player and multiplayer in other game-modes?, Keep up The Great Work!! Cool

I love it! But I need bosses all power ups than a limit (you level up some stuff and you can't level up any more) and more tanks (sandbox and custom tank would be great) then I would rate it 5 stars ^_^ Works perfectly

Ok Soon many Rageing Just wow

Death by shapes It is so annoying when I'm shooting at a shape and then another big shape comes shooting towards me and kills me in 1 hit! please reduce the damage u take by shapes it is really annoying and I'm still gonna rate 5 stars because you guys make the best games:D Worth a go!

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