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LMAO This app takes 1kb of space. Less than Google play. Also READ THE GODDAMN DESCRIPTION. Amazing!

Thank you, this has great information that so many of us do not think to look up ( and shows us ). Gives us an idea what to be cautious about. ☺. Just purchased 3 apps from you, not sure if I will ever root again. And last but not least ... your adds are non- intrusive, Great Job. Perfect

Does what it says To those saying "can't hack anything" actually read the description. This app just shows you what hacked apps can do, such as steal your passwords when you try to login. This app is not for hacking, just for showing you what could happen. Works perfectly

I am laughing at the comments below me. The people below me are kids who wanted to look cool at recess. I mean it is impossible to take this app seriously, it uses comic sans in the icon. Besides this is a form of hacking (social engineering). Now kids do not make yourselves look like idiots by looking for premade hacking programs. As a Linux sysadmin these posts make me lose faith in humanity.

finally. i was tired searching a proper app. this one is more simple no ads and surveys. cool Worth it!

Why this app not work The pasword is 12345 but every time i put the pasword it close the app.i tried to coc and ninja heroes but does't work Highly Recommend.

I dont know I hav tried to hack clash of clans but does not work I hav no idea how to work it. Your a fuking fraud so fix it now Cool

Amazing app This app is made to steel passwords so it can not increase the gems in coc . I tried it i just wrote my name in the password box when it asked and when i opened this app it showed me the password i wrote ..... Cool

CoC problem Its says input password for clash of clans and I don't have a password Please help me! Omg

it work but i tried again and did not work it work but when i tried again it did't work plss fix it iam ganna rate this 5 star when you fix it Pretty good

It really works!!!!! OMG!!! This app really works I hacked clash of clans and now I have unlimited gems and gold elixer ext..... Must have

I would give a five star but... I dont understand how to give myself gems for dragon city, and it wont hack my singing monsters

Dont get it Can some one tell me how to get free gemes in clash of clans pleas i relly want a barb king and free gems for clash of clanes

HOW TO USE I dont know how to use this app i did every thing but the passport is what ever i type plz say how to use in clash of clans

how to use? my brother he wants to hack castle clash and i wanna hack clash of clans ,too.can u tell me how to hack?

Awesome Great way to get gems for castle clash well for me. It doesn't really work on Google thoooooooo. I want to be a hacker. This app is good make another one like this but make it a full app not demo.

It does work But I thought it hack your games and get free gems but no its just pertects your apps and games

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