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On here for the Likes. Still trying to figure it out. Seems a difficult to get the likes. 5 star

This Is Awesome To Get More Followers and Likes But How we get Coins that is so difficult Omg

If u want to get 30 coin... U have to rate this app 5 star even this app is sucks Amazing!

Its not free and when i watched video it had to give me 30coin but it give me 2 coin so why i'm writing this rewiew for take my 30 coin back Enjoy it!

Good (actually I dont know yet but they are forcing me to write this to get 20 coins, but dont tell them that I said that) its good wow lol

Waste off time,money, data useless app I'm just giving it 5 stars for 30 coins Not bad

I love it definitely recommend getting this app I dont use it much I just use it to follow my status for my Instagram acc Perfect

The only reason I'm giving it a 5 star is cos of the 30 coins. Doesn't look good to me anyway Go well

Its ok.but you need alot of coins for followers and I am being made do this so bye Great job

Only doing this for the 30 coins, I find incenta fan helpful, it's a bit of work but it pays off tbh Enjoy it!

i did this to get coins and its actually pretty good and dont forget to sigh everyday to get more coin Must have

Amazing app superb u may also download it and enjoy it and I just loved it plz download and enjoy ur likes Fantastic

I have to rate it 5 star to get coins,i'm just desperate y'all.this app ain't even that good Muito bom!

Tbh just did this to get 30 coins btw you start off with twenty coins and hafto get 500 coins to have just 200 more followers love it

i give this 5 star because this app give me 30 stars for 5 star rating but if you want better app then this then download likerspro the best app i ever use 5 star

This app is definitely good but they could make it easier to accumulate coins. Good prices though if you're looking to spend actual money. Worth a go!

Amazing app It gives us the likes asap , But it is difficult to earn coins without cash. However it's a good app. Not bad

IT WORKS free followers You dont have to pay And now i have so many follewers and you get 50 followers evry day!!! Muito bom!

This app is great for those who want to get more followers and likes in instagram. Try it and you won't leave it. Good luck Surprisingly

The best app .. i saw all the fake and found the one i was searching for ..please try it Not bad

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