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I want to let out my Pl submit details and advise me the procedure. apartment in JP Nagar 3 phase Blr Cool

Look the app was working great and the way it was supposed too. NOW I'M GETTING NOTIFICATIONS FROM OTHER WEB SITES THROUGH THIS APP!! No way to communicate with the app techs. None of the settings work. And it is starting feel like a spam app. What's going on??? Highly Recommend.

This is a brilliant site, the other sites I have visited isn't nothing like this, I love it Great!

Can you please include a filter for " No Broker" or deals published by only Owners? The idea of broker charging you one month rent after every 11 months of rent renewal till eternity is crazzy! #boycottbrokers #brokerssuck 5 star

It works. BUT.. You fill out All the "Info On-line" For say...1-CITY.. Yeah...They give you @6-8 Rentals "In THAT City." THEN.... You look at the list. And All the "Other Rentals " Are A Million Miles AWAY " Yep. Doesn't Make MUCH Sense then.... Perfect

Needs More filters by locations and localities will be gud. Needs More options for the localities and amenities Flawless

They're good house but they don't stick to the inputted search like I type in liberty mo and they're sending search results from liberty ny and everywhere else but otherwise they're ok Cool

How about phone numbers . just need a place libe . we are homeless and living tent . ! Perfect!

It's frustrating that the app keeps giving me homes in Alliance Ohio when I've asked for listings from Alliance Nebraska. It also gives me listings from Washington State which I have not asked for at all. I would like it a lot better if it would just give me listings for the town I've asked for in the state I've asked for. Cool

It's quite nice to have. I have not bought a house yet but trovit makes it look easy Cool

Yes I like your app, though I think it would be a bit better if your photos of properties would show a bit bigger views to get a better feel of the properties, even better more photos of different angles of the properties more detail. Just wow

Absolutely fantastic. Thanks to this app you can search for every renting website, save favourite properties and follow them. Mostly post are from agency, but it's a perfect combination with easyroommate Cool

So. Many. Notifications. Every search you do adds another very frequent notification, which you have to turn off or it'll drive you crazy! Would be handy to include the filters in the search settings so that they are remembered, and it would be super-useful to have a map of the properties it finds. Would give a lower rating except there isn't any alternative I know of. Great job

It is more convenient in searching houses, apartments or condos for rent. Nice and friendly apps. Surprisingly

Why it keeps directing me to Property Guru site? Trovit is suppose to provide all the detail... Worth it!

All your rentals in one place!!!! From private- real estate . thank god for trovit!!! i would hours online hunting for rentals has saved me so much time Superb!

it's ohk, actually it's not that bad. There are some quite nice houses and apartments to choose from. Well done!!

The app isn't very user friendly. The pre-populated ranges for minimum/maximum values and the lack of options to narrow down the areas for which you are searching makes it hard to find what you're looking for. The nice thing is that new ads cone in frequently, but again, with the broad search criteria most of them tend to be irrelevant to you. I think the app could use more specific search criteria Must have

10 marla plot bahria Rawalpindi ph 8 sector C best location level plot price 55 lakh Just wow

Im happy generally but i am saddened by the lack of information on ad when requesting for information Great!

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