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Don't listen to the noobs saying that there's a break problem there isn't at all but to stop the bad reviews maybe put in ABS and Traction Control Cool

I LOVE IT!!! Its an adicting game! there is an ODYSSEY in the traffic and i wish to drive it!! Two sugestions,one GET RID OF THE FUEL LEVEL,two make the odyssey a drivable car in the game. Perfect!

I love your game it's like you've got so much sports cars and plus you can DRIFT! When I go on ramps I went flying and once I went so fast on a ramp I glitch into a building! It was so CRAZY! I just love your game so much! Thanks for making that game! Fantastic

Guys dont listen to the other people saying there is a brake problem the is not why do you think it called drift car sim...duh u guys a are retards l Works perfectly

خیلی عالیییییییئ این هم باقیه ستاره هاش×÷××÷÷*×××××× love it

Pls add features that you able to paint or decorate cars using my own photo in gallery..... Superb!

Veryyyyyyyyyyyýyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good game Great job

It's a nice game everyone download and play it . But u should have a better experience. Enjoy it!

This game is the coolest it helps you learn how to drift and other stuff love it Perfect!

Need better driving experiance.. Need to improve the gameplay and fix the brake problem.. I cannot turning while braking.. But overall just good.. Keep it up!! Fantastic

My brother has this game and when I saw it, I wanted to downtown it. Great game!!! Great job

Very fun game but to many ads and make the refeul time longer like 5-10 min not 1-2 min Fantastic

I love this game, even though that it will waist the fuel! I wish there was a Ferrari though... But it's AWESOME! Good

But I think about the game it's really what it's fun like it's a Fremont kind of but I think the game creator should actually add in multiplayer you can play with other people it would be way more fun except like you don't have to play by yourself and just go around with random stuff and like it would be more fun Highly Recommend.

This game is good to play when you're bored but it would be better if they add a bugatti Not bad

I love it [email protected] Flawless

This is a very good game and good graphics you guys should download this game Amazing!

This game is actually really good, graphics are decent for a mobile game, the physics are ok, the number of cars of good, and the map is big enough. One thing you need to add is a handbrake and more drift cars. Thanks Fabulous!

Can 2018 update i will gave 1000000000000000000000000000000 stars plz☺☺☺☺☺ Must have

This game is very good and plz bro make drift more sleepy please i am enjoying this game..... Flawless

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