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I have used many reverse caller app but so far you guys have nailed it. Wish I could send some funds but AS doesn't do much. Keep up the great work. Oh by the way it has not failed not one time to find the number and tell me who it is. Thanks guys. Recommend

ممتاز و يستاهل الفلوس الي اندفعت له وايد احسن من ترو كولر و نمبر بوك Worth a go!

Love it. First app I've found that will give owners name of phone line, even mobile numbers. Must have

It was working fine then it stucks at get started screen. I can't use it anymore scenes then. Fix this please. Pretty good

I like it, but the ID can get in the way of my keypad when I use it. Need to make it smaller that what it can be. Marvelous

It said free but lets u see name. Ok app. But i have a stalker I'd like to figure out Recommend

block phone calls from cell number or domestic number ,whether in your contacts or no ,quickly identify and lookup for spam. Great app. Amazing!

Seems to be on point on every search I made & with a lil extra digging on my own, all the info this app provided on each search was accurate. I will definitely recommend this app to people I know. A++ Surprisingly

I Always Searching this types better app, but i got finally it..Its have manny Features.. So I Feel good to use this apps. Enjoy it!

Real caller app is an interesting app of this time.You can try it.You can download it.It is free.It won't hack your personal data Flawless

Wow This a Useful app.Wonderful Features. I Like It Very Much. Thank You. Nice Calling Highly Recommend.

Real caller is a very useful app.This app can show caller number and user is a Amazing app .. Awesome

Real caller is a quite useful app.this apps comes with the number of the person with the name. Thank you Perfect!

Iam trying more time to activate primium plus But always says try another card Why? Just wow

I am looking for an app that will tell me exactly who the caller is. This app is sometimes, most of the time it just repeats the number,wishes to upgrade with a charge. It is as good as others I have tried. Thank you for this app. Fantastic

Not spam, very good it has results most of time but the ads and the popup on caller screen so annoying Perfect

Real Caller Public give some decent info on reverse # lookups, but not enough of the #'s I've attempted to lookup. Go well

It's ok sometimes it's right and sometimes it's not. And some info when it's right is off Enjoy it!

It is very useful and helpful to find calling name that his number not in your contact list. Surprisingly

OK, after a longer review of this app, I must SERIOUSLY retract my previous input of opinion....THIS APP IS as close to what free will get you to FLAWLESS! It's loaded with way more features than I previously thought, very up to date on its contents and info and so easy to use, even for dummies Omg

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