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I Really liked it but the problem is something are not like as shown in pictures, By the way it's so cool i liked it so much.... Highly Recommend.

Vry gud game bt again same problem we have to buy the things wid our own money nd if we don't buy then we have to design the same cakes again nd again otherwise it is a vry gud game.Plz fix it!!! Not bad

its amazing veryyyyyyyy prety very cute really its amazing I just loved it Great job

This game is very interesting when I think it is the best game I loved this game wow lol

Well, I enjoy the free version but the amount of ads is ridiculous. It lags out the game to where you can't finish whatever you were making. The game is slightly screwed up, and I refuse to pay just for good gameplay. It's still ok. 5 star

This game too much good My daughter loves it very much So much interesting game love it

I like this game because it is good for learning how to make cake I just like it normal Just wow

I loved it because we can feed the animals and the little baby. We can also got to knew that how to prepare cake. When I vote cakes or cupcakes always my cake is the best ans on first. Great job

Umm its a good app but I would recommend this app for younger children like 6 or something but great game Flawless

The game is one of the greatest game of India .I like this game because I think the game is good for a girl child . So I install this app for my daughters . They are very happy when they play this game . Good

In this game all cooking things are there and there are cake, cupcakes ,dollcakes also Cool

It's a nice game but it would be nicer to have more decorating things and levels. 5 star

I think it's a good game but there is a thing that I do not like that all the things are not unlocked Good

Eu amei esse jogo Works perfectly

All over the game is ok but we have to purchase the whole game only 2 or 3 shops in the game are open so pls fix it like we should not hv to purchase the game automatically all shops r opened and every decorative material also Recommend

I think this is good but beautiful cake material are always lock and beautiful thinks are not open like wedding shop and juice shop are also lock this very bad game no any download this game you wasting your net mb Cool

Good game Cool game I loved it so much for me. Great!

Love it This game is so much fun but the thing is it has way too many ads but you get to make a lot of fun different cakes give it a try plz download it NOW Go well

Amazing game I really appreciate this game because you would really enjoy it ,but sometimes it doesn't let you pick it up but it is a really good. Awesome

I just loved this It was fantastic I can't believe that it was so good just 1 problem that we have to buy full version Perfect

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