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AMAZING When I first saw it I'm just like oh I'm going to have this for like 2 minutes and then delete it and I started playing and I actually I've kept this game for like a year now and this is the best game I've ever played it's really is addictive Flawless

Awesome I love this game when I first donlodad this game I was nevers because of the other comings no adds nothing so if you ask me I would donloaed it Perfect!

I LOVE this game, but why $9.99 for all the other stuff? I REALLY want all of the stuff, but 10 is to much for a game! I WILL give you FIVE stars if you make it less money for the other things. Fantastic

Loved it It comes with so many things to you and you can get stuff free by watching videos it is Amazing. Surprisingly

Best cake maker game This is one of the best cake maker game this is so easy to play and so much fun it includes Fabulous!

Loved this game This is a very nice game and I can say this thing that it is very nice and a very good game . I think that you all should also play this game because it is a very very very nice game Good

Awesome This game is so awesome.I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to bake Great job

Awesome! I love that I like that it wasn't one of those games that you can just that it freezes hugs and kisses Highly Recommend.

very interesting game it is very addicated,i loved to play overnight,but how i unlock another cake round,please give answer Superb!

Vvvery cute game I liked it it is very cute nice graphics and nice cake designs. The best 3D cake game ever and it should have more princess in the princess cake Works great

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