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Ok This game is OK for me but I don't know if you liked it. This game doesn't have any adds . This game is quiet comfortable and it is easy to play. Brilliant

This is game is the best cake maker game that can ever be made you all worked very hard on this.You have to make more games. Well done!!

It's good but some games are locked thats cheating it doesn't have full version so pls do that Perfect!

Real cake maker I love this game becouse i get to make cakes and cupcakes all I want Worth it!

It's the best My little sister's favourite game me too it's interesting and never boring I never get bored Worth a go!

Loved it I love this game , it is a very nice game , for the lovers of cooking games. I am expecting that you will also install it and play. Muito bom!

Fun :) It's a good game. I don't care if it's free or not, you guys worked hard for creating this game, so I'm not complaining at all. For all those who wants the full version of the game, buy it, not get mad at the developers who worked hard for it. Although sometimes it lags, it's still good. ^.^/ Worth a go!

I love this game You can change the chef's dress.You can make as beautiful cake you want.Just super Amazing!

Wow very nice game It has many beautiful affect to make our cake look pretty. But 1 problem , it doesn't have full version .Plzz make this also having wedding cakes and smoothie , so we can enjoy this game a lot Muito bom!

i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this game a lot so i want to give more and more stars to this game such a beautiful game in the earth. Enjoy it!

It's really best I love this game because it has a competition...and it can dress up ,cooking...and it can decorate the cakes Perfect!

Help! I am getting so many errors please help! What do you recommend people play this game on? Android, phone tablet,etc?? Cool

I love this game The only thing is to provide you with your friends and family to enjoy the benefits of the most important thing Great job

Awesome game but...... If you try more hard you can win the contest if best game in India. So try and win. I wish you all the very best Fabulous!

Awesome It's good but it takes so much time to download it it should be fast downloading interested Marvelous

kate I Love this game you should really download it Highly Recommend.

I like it so much.......but some levels are locked so it makes it boring watching so many adds Great!

Thes game it is so good game between all games i download it any person please download downloadow thes game Brilliant

Wow Wow game yup this game is sooooooooo interesting game Recommend

Many ads but Cool games but it has way too many ads that I never like. In each of coco's games there are too many ads but games are very nice. Just try to remove the ads rest is fine. Well done!!

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