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3 promblems The game is fun but it always crashes and goes to home screen also it gets very boring making the same cakes over and over agian because the full version cost alot you also have to buy stuff to be able to make certain cakes Pretty good

It's really good and nice. But I don't like that it takes forever to make one cake. It's awesome though. The graphics are like babies and that's sort of weird but it's their choice not mine. You should install it if you have slot of time. Bilal Works great

Awesome Is a great game but the one thing I can't do is that I can make a wedding cake and I can make a smoothie so that's the only thing I don't like about it so it's still a great game but I feel like it and it's very very you know Must have

Amazing Game It's a very pretty game!!! I loved it very much and I think whoever see this game should try it. This is the best cake cooking game. Great job

Its too beautiful game for girls but we have to get the full version first. I think that is the bad thing Enjoy it!

It is really fun and really nice because you can make different cakes you can choose what you want to make and the only thing I don't like about it is that is that you have to buy stuff and so I like but I don't. Amazing!

Liked it.... Hi my name is sophia grace i can also give 5 stars but some things are locked thats why i gave four Omg

i think for me when i m making the cake and everythings is like is real and when i try at home with my mom help is the same thing Highly Recommend.

I loved it!♡♡♥♥☆☆★★ I am diya i wish i could get the full version of every thing please give the full version it is good that we could put our selfies on cake very good game i rate 10 stars ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Good

I like it sucks u have buy whole thing that and you should havevmore choices in stuff to pick from these are only 2 things I dislike so the game is egg OK Flawless

This game FREEZES a lot. When you finish making a cake it gets stuck loading when you try to enter a competition. Really annoying. Recommend

This game is really good but The game is really good there is some contest very nice but there are two problems first one we have to unlock everything with the real money and the second one is we are like something the same thing lock once again after 2 problems I rated only 3 Stars next time I would think these mistakes may be recovered this is the game I want very good game awesome game good but not too good I want to store problems to be covered please please please please please Good

Its a good game but not as good as shown in the pictures. That's why I have given it three stars. Also you have to unlock some items by spending money. Most beautiful items are locked. Some items may be unlocked through internet but next time one have to unlock the same item again. Why all the coco games have in app purchases? Do some thing that can bring smile to someone's face. Worth it!

Great but But because I hate when u have to pay for some things so please make it not buy. Brilliant

make for taste this game has thoughtme wonderfull idease in making and baking it has tallented ideas and it also made the game easy , its fun, amazing, adorable ,creative, and the best part it includes chocolate, hope you make the best chocolate world cake make game, but one promlem it doest have full version hope you make it , when you make a game please put full version Perfect!

I like it is very good It's really cool this game I think this game doesn't have to buy a full version well if whi need to buy it is better whiteout a full version is fine with that is have I could put 4 stars Fantastic

There are only two problems... I totally love this game but the full version is very expensive ($10+). The game also crashes and goes back to the home screen sometimes. I hope that these two problems will be fixed soon and that i can give 5 stars. Thanks to who ever read this. from me and my lovely GSD Go well

Amazing I really love this game it expired me to one day be a precessional Baker whoever is the creater of this game thank you so much ! I'm just so happy I can cry Pretty good

It's a Wonderful game It allows me to make cupcakes wedding cakes and smoothies paint and change my shift dresses which is the best but one problem it doesn't have the full vision Fantastic

I loved it but I am diya i wish i could get the full version of every thing please give the full version and atleast i could put selfie! I loved it and please do the needful but i loved it★♡ Just wow

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