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I love this game. It awesome because it teaches me how to make cakes and other types of things. U should try this game. Good

I think that this game was not good because in this game only birthday cake and cupcake is unlock not smoothie and other plz update Worth it!

I like this game much more but it takes so hard to take the points in votes............ Works perfectly

I think it is a great game but the thing I'm concerned about is that some of the things to you have to pay, but other than that I think it is an awesome game Highly Recommend.

How 4.4 .? Good

I thnk its great but the only issu is that you dont have the full version and wont let me down lode it. Marvelous

I loved the game but the fact which I didn't liked is that 1 There are many ads. 2 It forces us to buy the things when we earn stars. I didn't liked the game. I was expecting that it would be a really nice game. Not very happy with the results. Marvelous

I think is good but it does not load it takes super long omg I wait like 10 minutes pls make it faster I like this game but little faster Muito bom!

Very nice game . Lol !!!!! loved it so much . Marvelous, gorgeous, superb,fantastic,attractive and awesome .we can make cake and decorate it so good Great!

The instructions they give are suitable only for people who are very childish and immature. Too many ads and very slow gameplay. I'm disliking this game because of its slow gameplay, many ads and immature instructions to the players. The instructions are suitable only for small kids. It would be nice if there are options for child mode and teenage or adult mode Well done!!

The game is the best. It does not let you play all of it , like the wedding cake and the smoothy otherwise I think it is the best thing . love it

I love this game so so much but it shows lots of adds and when random videos pop up it uses my data. Also a lot of stuff has to have the full version. When I have to do something and lock my phone I open it again and it won't load and I have to start all over. Also when I make cupcakes an ad pops up and I go back and nothings there and idk what to do. Well done!!

It's good But this game is taking a lot of time to download I think girls should not play this game because it is good but waste of time Muito bom!

So I don't know if it's my device but it always glitches and never stops loading. Now if it didn't do that 5 starts this game is great. PLEASE FIX GLITCHES. 5 star

This game is so so interesting and I loved this game and my sister also loved it in this game there is no adds and there are many levels that's why I have given it five stars. Awesome

It's super easy and soooooooooo Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo Oo FUN! All though there is a lot of adds,but There short. It's my FAVOURITE GAME EVER! baking is my passion! love it

I download this lastime and then i forgot you can fight with the cakes and be the first one to win the fight and if you win you got three stars and if your second you have one star but if your third you have zero stars and i really like this game Works perfectly

Hated ,it is too boring but my sister liked it Please update makingf wedding game and juice making game so I can play it please reply me fast that you will update that things love it

This game is nice but all version should be open and we have to give our own money it's not nice please send that it get better game because we cannot give our own money Good

It is a nice game ☺and graphics are very beautiful i like all the things but we cannot unlock smoothie , wedding cake,shopping etc.. if it is unlocked then it will be good game all u download this game soon....... Good

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