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This app makes the Bible so accessible for someone reading it for the first time! The videos are so helpful at breaking down the core messages of the texts and keeping the reader engaged. I love the set up of each segment being followed up by a Psalm. Love this app! Enjoy it!

Amazing one year Bible reading plan, the Bible Project also puts a lot of scripture into context that helps you see the whole story. Easy to navigate and read. Thanks for an awesome app! Fantastic

Recommended by our Pastor, we began using this app a week ago. We love it! The video overviews are very well done, and aid in overall context of the readings. If you haven't tried a Bible reading app, try this one. Just a few miniutes a day, and you're theough all of the Bible in a year. Crazy Love Ministries, thank you for this! Blessed reading, everyone! 5 star

I'd give this app 5 stars if it had an Audio option like youversion does. Currently I have to use two apps and that's ANNOYING. Otherwise I really love this app. It's amazing to hear the bible put into this perspective. They've helped make sense of so many things! wow lol

This app is a great way to read the Bible, especially as a beginner. The videos really help with seeing the big picture while reading each section, and they also do a good job of explaining some confusing concepts. Also, let's face it, it can be hard to read such and old, long book as the Bible these days. The reading plan really helps with that by reminding you that it is a spiritual exercise. It starts with taking a deep breath and reminder that you are entering into time with God as you read the scripture, then after reading the passage entering into a time of prayer, which I use as "free prayer" space, and praying through a Psalm. After each reading section I feel like I have met with God. It's a great way to start and/or end the day. The videos are also helpful to break up the monotony of so much reading, especially for millenials (like me) and younger people who are used to watching YouTube more than reading. This is an overall great app for reading the Bible. I just hope they are updating it to incorporate the new videos that the Bible Project is always coming out with. : ) Awesome

This is by far the best way to read through the whole Bible. The integration of the videos mixed with the excellent reading plan make it actually interesting to read the Bible rather than being a chore. I cannot recommend this highly enough Muito bom!

I am so thankful for this app! I've always struggled to faithfully read my bible, and while I'm still working on it, this app has helped so much. I love the Bible Project videos - they help me understand what I'm reading in light of the whole narrative of the Bible and bring some clarity on passages or themes that are confusing or hard to grasp. One suggestion I have for the Read Scripture team is to find a way to easily link to the podcast episode that goes along with the reading as well! Some other Read Scripture users I know didn't realize there was a podcast, and I honestly found it so helpful to read along with Francis and hear his thoughts on certain difficult passages. Also I think the name of that podcast has reverted to "The Crazy Love Podcast" instead of the "Read Scripture Podcast" which could be confusing. These resources are just too good not to share though! Must have

Awesome! Only problem is it can't be used offline, which seems silly to me considering Bible reading is something we should be aiming to shut out distractions while doing. Marvelous

Great app! You guys are doing the Lord's work. Keep it up! My only complain is that there isn't a dark mode option for the people with amoled displays. Well done!!

This is a great app for studying the Bible and understanding it! The only thing I wish that could be changed is what version you can use. It is ESV and personally I like NKJV or KJV version. Enjoy it!

Outstanding app! I just love the videos that help me understand the overall narrative. This has been so helpful to my Bible studies, as it is a very rich and complex book. I started the 1 year reading plan on Jan 1st and starting the book of Numbers today. May God bless the content creators and supporters! God bless your work! Worth it!

Lovely layout, such a joy to use. Nice clean and simple. The videos dispersed throughout are like little nuggets of joy! Some adjustability suggestions: I find the white back ground with black text a little bright when I'm reading in the dark before anyone else wakes up (even with my phone brightness turned right down) the Psalm at the end works better with the black back ground. Also it would be great if an offline version were available for us rural dwellers! Well done keep up the superb work. Perfect!

While I love the layout of this app (the videos, the passage of the day, the encouragement to pray, and then a psalm), the lack of an ability to log in and sync your progress was a deal-breaker for me. I started reading my Bible through this year with this app, but because I use different devices, the lack of sync & tracking what day I was on became frustrating. I would strongly encourage the makers of this app to make syncing between devices a high priority in their next update(s). Brilliant

I recently viewed the entire The Bible Project on YouTube. Thanks to Francis Chan I found it was connected to this Read Scripture app. I haven't had problems viewing the videos in the app. I highly recommend this app and The Bible Project on YouTube. Just wow

I really like this app, especially the awesome videos. I would recommend an option for it to be read aloud to me so I can listen to it while washing the dishes, and also hear how to pronounce some of the difficult names. It would also be nice if the app would let you know where you left off in your daily reading in case you get behind like I did. Thank you for all your hard work in creating this wonderful app. Muito bom!

This is the most user-friendly bible app I've seen. Whether you're a Christian or simply interested from a knowledge perspective, this is a wonderful guide for anyone. Even if you're fully familiar with God's writings, this is an amazing way to explore His words. The app creators did an awesome job! Cool

Excellent videos grasp the essence of each book. All text ready to read, including the Psalm for meditation. Tick each unit as complete and return to correct place - no stress associate with am I on the 'right' date. Not a detailed study but great for getting an overview. The Bible is exciting, this approach shows how! Superb!

Only complaint is one translation only in app. Other than this very helpful help. Plan to use with my life group. Surprisingly

This is the absolute best Bible reading app. The videos in the app help you get an understanding of what your about to read. This format is the best way I have read the Bible in my entire life. I highly recommend it to everyone. I really want the app to have note-taking capabilities , and be able to read aloud to you. Surprisingly

This is the best app I have ever seen that puts God's Word in a nutshell. I understand that the videos can be taken offline on YouTube from the channel "Bible Project". Thank you. Well done!!

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