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Does not run well with new updates (Honor 5X). Also missing option to move to SD. Fantastic

I hate to have to start from the begining every time I change my phone. Why you don't activate the Backup with Google? Recommend

Absolutely amazing. Entertaining, challenging - it's pure fun in a perfect package. Enjoy it!

I absolutely love the levels. Visually exciting and colourful. I can get frustrated if I keep doing the same thing wrong over and over, but that is the learning process. I neef to comments on the soundtrack however. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT (Same for Jungle Run as well) ❤❤, and especially the ones where the vocals get involved. Sooooooo catchy!!! I hope Ubisoft brings us another version of Rayman "whatever" Run soon. Great game!!! Love Jungle too. But Fiesta my favourite! Fantastic

I've been a Rayman fan since playing the original on Windows 95 (never clocked it) :D Super impressed with this - it has the wacky humour and requires the diabolical precise timing which has always characterised Rayman. As always, you'll get the most 'bwaah' for your buck if you forgo the gadgets and don't allow yourself to move to the next stage until you've scored 100% on the one you're on - simply surviving a stage isn't really beating it ;) Fabulous!

I love it because you fight and it's a adventurous game, and its got lots of stages, my kids love!!! Must have

This game cannot compete with the console versions of Rayman Origins and Legends. No storyline, but it is still a enjoyable game! The levels are not connected with worlds, but are build on his numerous abilities! Also, this game is not complete! To enjoy the full adventure, you must buy the second part called Fiesta Run at the end of this game! Very frustrating, giving another 3.51 $ to reach the real conclusion of this average game! If, you are not willing buying the full adventure skip this game! Go well

Not much has changed from its predecessor Rayman Jungle Run, and that's okay -- it's a solid formula that adapts the Rayman series surprisingly well to mobile. Levels are thoughtfully designed for quick play and lots of replay value, especially for those wanting to see everything. I fail a LOT, but it never feels unfair -- and I always want to give it "just one more go". Good

Crashes Almost every time I hit the back button on my Galaxy S7 Edge for world map, restart level options ect. game crashes Go well

Fun Game but no Progress Sync Really enjoyable and challenging game with a fun soundtrack, but the fact that progress isn't synced means that I can play the game only on one device. Other than that, recommended! Muito bom!

Great game needs cloud saves Great fun game but just lost a ton of lums and almost every level fully completed because I had to reinstall. Due to the loss of time invested I'll not be playing this game or the other rayman run games. Sad as they are fun. Muito bom!

Awesome, but... The sound is massively glitched out. Not a huge problem, because the game itself runs very smoothly, and sometimes the sound is fine. Most of the time though, the music gets so bad that I mute it...I still love all of the levels, so I'm not majorly disappointed... Just wow

Freezing up Game has nice graphics and good game play. When entering the candylands the game freezes and can't play levels or return to world map. Flawless

Great Game Enjoyed Rayman on my console and wanted more so purchased this. In essence it's a runner but the levels are incredibly well designed, controls spot on and the graphics superb. Well worth a play, you will find yourself bettering your score with each play and trying to get perfect run throughs. Recommend

Play it! But it doesn't back up anything! The game is awesome! You must buy it! You can play it offline and you will have hours of fun! Only keep in mind that if you switch to other device, you will lost your progress! Well done!!

Wonderful game Lost my progression, no cloud and no option to save progression on sd card of exemple... Except that point it's a very great game, but it needs to get options to save your data... /5 stars otherwise Great job

Just 5* Amazing in practically everything. Love the soundtrack, the vibe & freshness it brings and the graphics are gorgeous. It definitely is a must have in your pocket together a big screen like Note 4. Not bad

Although controls are simplified compared to PC version, it is fun to play on Android TV, but mute the sound because sound issues are very distracting. Fantastic

Edjnjfrdededjeud This is amazing Evan tho it doesn't save when I delete it WHO CARES ITS FUN AS HELL Cool

3/5 requesting feed back I have allot of fun playing this, considering this is my first Rayman game. But I bought a permanent "too much help" and still haven't received my purchase. Not to mention the every now and then glitching. But over all the game is fun. 5 star

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