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It is a great game to play it is a great game to play with my family and friends who are you big fan Superb!

Controls need a bit more stability and guns should be a little easier to obtain its such a mission to get a different gun unless you buy one this shouldn't be this way you should put individual prices of gold on the gun and game cash less game cash and more gold = an equal chance to sell game cash but also a chance to buy the guns with gold please try to work on this i know this comment will probably get ignored but i like this game Perfect

Wow!!! Its raining outside today, but yet playing this game, fill like I'm outback really doing it. Next best thing to the real thing. Flawless

im a us army ranger and this game is about as true to form as they get hoahh!!° Pretty good

I think the game is awesome Awesome game and great graphics controls could be a little better and easier to upgrade. Surprisingly

Fun game, but a lack of single player and inability to challenge friends is a tad disappointing. Otherwise a lot of fun love it

I love it but its doing an update and keeps saying can't connect to internet but my internet works fine please help wow lol

Love the game but I don't have Facebook so it resets every time. Pointless. Facebook login or guest. Why no Google login. Silly silly silly. Recommend

Interesting game. I find it competitive and challenging on here, but it's guaranteed to have every moment exciting than the last. Now that's fun for enthusiasts like myself, and whomever! Go well

Well, this game is hard.. Not too good graphics, and very minimum tutorials at the beginning. But if you're lookin for a simple shooting game with a real human opponents, this game will suit on you. Surprisingly

It a very fun game but crashes all the time and you lose anything you where doing. Wouldn be 5 stars if it wouldn't crash very 5 minutes. 5 star

Super pissed have done 3 surveys to get dollars for repairs and each time I don't get the credits don't do the free credits it's a scam 5 star

Good game to play if your into hunting, skeet shooting, target practicing, etc. I'm actually getting good. Good

Not a bad game. The aiming can be difficult but really it does add a bit of realisim Great!

Overall the game is the best I've found as far as shooting games. Just wish I was able to upgrade the weapons of my choice since it's my money I'm spending on it. 5 star

It's ok games I like it can be better and put the heart into it make it feel like a real sniper game make you feel like it real sniper game. Works perfectly

Fun game, easy to get used to but hard to score highly. It's challenging in a good way! Few people have said that the controls are over sensitive or wobbly or buggy or doesnt stay still.. It's not a bug, the aim moves so it is difficult to aim especially against the timer.. Game can be frustrating in a good way..once you get used to controls and start being competitive it is hard to put down Awesome

I like this game but I'm experiencing endless loading screen sometimes when trying to get +50percent gold on win. The app's process must be killed, resulting into gold and xp loss. The app should throw a retry/cancel message after some long time spent in loading adds. Worth it!

Okay so I love the game guys... may i as a suggestion try make the availability of PvP remach that would be good also if there was some kind of interaction between players. Otherwise it 5 Pretty good

The only problem I have is the control, very sensitive, hard to control. Maybe I'm the only one with this problems. So more power to all the player's that enjoyed this game. It's an excellent game but I'm sorry that I can't give (5) STARS RATING. Omg

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