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A lot of guys asking for nudes and fake people but that isn't the fault of the app creator. Its helpful that you can have profile pictures because it makes it easier to tell who is real. However, my account got banned several times for "violation of terms of service" even though I didn't break any rules. I even read through the conditions and couldn't find what I did wrong wow lol

I keep getting banned for a day when I tell people off for being inappropriate or threatening me. This app needs a better reporting system for reporting harassment. Awesome

I like this app, I made a few friends and a boyfriend and I haven't had trouble with it until now. I just got blocked for no reason at all. I wouldn't be as angry as I am now if all of the pervs who send nudes got banned but guess what... They don't! I think it is a really bad Idea to give the users power to ban people because 9 out of 10 times they will ban a person because they are butthurt that people didn't send them nudes. I am really disappointed and would really appreciate it if you unbanned me. Thank you Enjoy it!

Quite a cool app but lack only in 1 thing. WhenI change the profile details, it doesnot sync immediately with the server. Please provide a sync manual functionality to initiate sync based on user choice. Highly Recommend.

Guys i want 2 talk clean chat but here r some guys who always talk about sex and girls also am here to make some new frds but not getting good people so plzz in next update gave us full detail and location about people . plzz guys it's an req and all people's r fake here accept some good guys really Just wow

This is a good app but you can to send what ever you want on this app and boys are really bad here on this app Are kids to and boys are sending their dic*ks here and please unblock me I'm so bored all do what you say I'm really bored all day and I can't to open it until tomorrow at 07:00 and something hours pls unblock me Great job

Ok app once you get past the countless pervs who, BTW, are mostly Indian, and the fakes. The ads suck too. Popping up every 5 mins it seems Great job

All the features with the app is really good...the app is awesome and I loved using it.. But can you please unblock me once, I have just mate my soulmate, was texting to her but the app suddenly blocked me for a day.. I m missing her now. I apologize, if i have done any wrong activity.. Will not do it again. Plz Unblock me immediately Highly Recommend.

Make this app where there should be no age restriction because most people should be smart and safe on apps like this Well done!!

it's really the best app, girls should install it..... believe a stranger for once....i think its the best app of 2018..... try it for once please..... and boys its harmfull for ur health so please keep urself away, u can die bc if this app.... Omg

There is a fake acc named jenifar plz remove him he is a man making money promotion and Reporting accounts and banning them 5 star

You need to sort out the bloody banning option I'm getting banned for absolutely nothing Sort out the pervs and the bugs Awesome

Very difficult to actually talk. Guys just want inappropriate things. Edit:And now it doesn't work anymore. Great!

I love it but after meeting someone and getting along with them the app just stopoed so i uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if it would work but it just stuck on creating annonymous profike please fix Omg

So... I understand you can't control the 1,000+ men sending girls D pictures but it would be nice if there was an anonymous gender label or something lmao Marvelous

Had the app for 1 day and it's crashed, made some friends but now lost all contact. Needs sorting Fantastic

The only reason I gave the 5stars was because I have a problem with the app,I was talking to this girl and all of a sudden the at stopped sending messages and finding people,I switched my internet on my phone on and off and I also switched the modem on and off and nothing changed what happened?and what should I do? Good

Since the update it's not as good, pics won't download and finds people that have been off line for hours. Perfect

Wow app of the century but really lot of fakes u should ban them best app lot of girls lot of fun just amazing lot of lesbians I found but I'm in serious relationship with lots of girls just I don't know how to thank the user's Go well

I don't think this app is good other than for pervs and sometime you me really nice people but there are alot oof ppl sending pics of their unaproate parts too it's gross Not bad

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