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I use this app every night! It really does help me fall asleep and stay asleep. I love that it has a timer so you don't have to worry about turning it off, and there are many to choose from. If you like these sort of sounds it's perfect! Fabulous!

I love this app, it's much more functional with so many options than other apps like it that I have used Works perfectly

A wonderful app. It's simple enough to navigate and helps calm me from either my severe anxiety, or my insomnia. It has been very light on battery usage too. Thank you for creating this. ♡ Awesome

Love this app. Fall asleep every night to the rain sounds. Love how you can pick and choose what sound you want to layer. Well done!!

Wonderful app! It feels so good to know it's always in my pocket for the times I need it. Many rain background sounds, with the option to add mix-ins like soft music or animal noises. Perfect

Perfect app to sleep a little bit, a nap or just to start falling sleep,love it <3 Brilliant

It's very useful helps me to fall asleep and rest comfortably all night. Love it. Great job

I use it to help me fall asleep which I struggle with most nights... User friendly with great interface. Love that it has various rain sound options, with add one such as music and nature sounds. Love it! Cool

I love how you can choose one of the preset options then customise it to your personal taste. Great app. Use it to fall asleep Not bad

I really like that app and how you can create your perfect storm to fall asleep too Well done!!

Lovely app. Keeps me asleep all night. The options allows me to hear various sounds clearly and for the chosen time frame. Enjoy it!

This really helps me to be able relax, clear my mind from work and stress and sleep. love it

I love this app! I have tried numerous water sound apps, and this one is, by far, the best one. There are a variety of sounds from which to choose, and you can add from a host of extras to develop your perfect relaxing sound. One thing that sets this app apart from others is the timer. You can set it to run for as little as 10 minutes, have it run continuously until you manually turn it off, and everything in between. *When playing through a Bluetooth speaker, make sure you set a timer if you use an alarm to get up. Otherwise the sound will overpower your alarm and you won't wake up. Would absolutely recommend! Amazing!

I love this app and use it almost nightly! My only problem is that sometimes the sound will randomly decrease in volume and later go back to normal. If there is something I can do to fix this, I am more than happy to give this 5 stars! Omg

Relaxing and easy to use. Lots of customizable options but still simple enough not to be complicated. I love this app Amazing!

Great app. Able to add or delete sounds and a sleep timer make it perfect for me Highly Recommend.

i loved this app i just felt like it,s real rain great sound it helps me to relax and fall asleep this is the best rain app Flawless

Its an excellent app but pls optimize battery usage because my batery drains super fast Cool

Pretty backgrounds and pictures, good selection of different sounds. Excellent for a free app Fantastic

Puts me to sleep everytime! Clams the mind down and relaxes! I do recommend especially after stressful day Works great

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