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Love being able to hear my rains sounds that sounds so real and also has the just right enough tone to drift off to sleep to Worth it!

Very realistic and soothing sounds. Perfect for sleeping, reading, relaxing etc. Works perfectly

It's perfect, from the rain to the piano music, and most of all it has a clock to set to turn off. So all I have todo is enjoy it as I fall asleep. Just perfect thank you just what I was looking for.❤ Just wow

Didn't really work for me. It's a great idea, but I wish it had the option to adjust the sounds more. The only rainfall that I found super appealing was the one on the windshield, but then there'd be really loud cars passing by in the background which detracted from the whole "falling asleep" thing. All that being said, I do recommend you try it. There's so many glowing reviews on here that it must work for a lot of people. love it

What a nice app. this has many, many varieties of rain falling - on an umbrella, in a spring thunderstorm, on a flooded street, in a forest with gorgeous bird dounds, in a field with the chorus of frogs all happy in the reeds. it has a timer you can set yourself, pretty pictures you can also set as wallpaper, and you can use any of these rain versions as your alarm or ringtone, too. i stumbled on this looking at...dont even know (i look at coloring apps and next i realize im reading some article about 18th century coal production. come on, youve done it, too :)) This is a great, polite, intelligent app. get it! Great job

Love it. Nice loops so detailed you don't notice it. No annoying ads. This Helped me sleep after 3 years of experimental medicine didn't work. Enjoy it!

Many different realistic sounds, sensitive volume control. Small and safe. Doesn't use memory, no special permissions. Must have

It has various rain sounds to choose from. It has a timer. Very user friendly. I use it every night. Recommend

The variety of rain is amazing, and very relaxing! Also a plus is the fact that it has a timer saves on battery life Worth it!

I need the app to help me sleep because I live in a noisy hellhole and it does the job as well as can be expected. Superb!

It is very beautiful and helps the mind be in an ambient state. You can watch TV and have the rain 'running'. Can study and have the sounds of birds and a bubbly brook nearby. Marvelous

This app plays beautiful rain sounds in true and clean stereo. You'll pick your favorite and sleep like a baby. Worth it!

I searched for the app that was the most lifelike with sound's of nature and found this app. I love its crisp raindrops and the way it relaxes me after a hard day at work. I told all my friends to get this app cause it's the best sounding app out there. I even got rid of all my other relaxing sound apps cause they don't sound near as good and clear as this one. Thank you for putting so much effort into making it sou d so clear and relaxing. I use it every night before bed to calm down and go to sleep. Brilliant

Loved this app. Think music might spoil it rather! It is about rain after all. It makes[ it's own music! My favourite is the big green leaved plant. Disliked the tent one as perhaps seemed a little bit gloomy!? Also I would prefer to see beautiful Autumnal Maple leaves on the trees and not on the ground!? Guess it was Vermont or Nova Scotia? The log cabin is brill! Well done. Go well

Wow nothing in app store can beat the goose bump giving lighting in this trust me tried them all fn awsome... Awesome

Great App!!! I couldn't sleep last night, so I went to the play store to see if my favorite sleeping apps were compatible. They weren't, so I searched rain sounds since I usually do river, which sounds a lot like rain. I read the reviews and decided to try it. Worked like a charm! I fell asleep in no time! I would reccomend this to anyone who can't sleep. Best rain sounds app ever! Not bad

It has an alarm u can set but it just keeps going running my battery down quick! Superb!

I was staying in a hotel room, first night was hard to fall asleep then I downloaded this app. It is amazing how I slept every night. A+++ Fantastic

Superb.. Have I depress just I listen this .. So relaxed... I suggest this app every one .. Awesome.. I recommend this... wow lol

This app is fantastic! What sets it apart from others is the "crisp" sound of the rain drops! I love it! Go well

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