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So far has worked well some stations have no streams but the 1s I listen to work Perfect

This one works for me I tried ithers but they didnt have the stations I listen to. This one does and it has worked fine. Go well

Some of the stations can't be played outside Canada, but it's still a awesome app. Great job

All my favourite stations! Great app! Simple and easy to use. Has all the stations I was looking for and doesn't demand a whole bunch of rights to my personal stuff. Works great on my tablet and allows me to stay in touch with both news and music from my fav country in the world! I totally recommend it! Fabulous!

A 4 right now Main reason I installed this is because it doesn't ask for all kind of permissions which in my book is normal for this style of app Surprisingly

Great alternative to Tunein If you are fed up with Tunein, this the app to go. No ads whatsoever popping on your screen. Just listen and enjoy! Stay away from Tunein which bombards you with loads of ads popping on your screen every 5 seconds. Thumbs up for this app! 5 star

So far so good So far this has to be my favorite app, only thing that would make it better is having a widget that has your favorite stations, and allows you to play them right from the widget. Recommend

Quick simple reliable. Just the thing for staying in touch with local news while away from home Flawless

Wicked app. Simplicity at its finest. Which is exactly what you want for something like this. Im happy with it. Works great

FM Radio Canada This is great. I found all the radio stations I want to listen to even if I am abroad. Easy to operate, very good reception and able to listen directly from cell phone speaker Worth a go!

Good app It had all the stations I want but some don't play clearly from the list - z103.5 is still too slow and the voices sounds robotic Marvelous

Good but not great (yet) This app is good however small improvements could make it great. Other people have already mentioned it but if a call is coming in you need to manually stop this app from playing. Also it plays even after you close the app.

Awesomeio Great app, no ad, no commercial and can listen to your favorite radio station across Canada and the world but would love it if could be podcast only music

Works best on iphone I used the app on iphone and it was perfect. Now im using an android n keeps on giving me error messages. Im really disappointed.

Great app Just add a category list for radio stations in different city's otherwise great app

Best radio app available Rather than downloaded an app for a. specific radio station, why not download this one with a lot of radio streams. Only wish you could select quality of the stream (to minimise data usage) Fabulous!

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