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هنوز استفاده نکردم ولی خسته نباشید ممنون از زحمات شما Brilliant

This app is way off vs my Cobra RAD450 combined with Garmin GPS. Use this app at your own risk Perfect!

Great app. Hopefully as the number of users grows, so will the quality of the database. Very helpful now and will only get better. Surprisingly

It's a good app but need improvements because doesn't cover some of speeds camera . Also I'm happy to give those location that not in app to the Developer team. Fabulous!

I like this app and I advise everyone to use it if you need to avoid speed camera violations. Try it, you will like it. Must have

لطفا زبان فارسی برای صدا داشته باشه ممنونم Well done!!

Quite good but offers free upgrade if you watch a video, 5 videos later still no upgrade due to non existent 'connection problem' Spam con. Omg

Not bad. I don't know how good at detecting mobile cameras/speed traps it is but it has been accurate with everything for me so far Not bad

To say its a free app it's the best on the market with the great features. DOWN LOAD IT NOW. Wish I got it earlier it would have save me a lot points on my driving licence. Flawless

سلام با تشکر از همه شما دوستان عزیز بعضی وقت نقشه خوب و واضح نمیشه بازم ممنون میشم Awesome

এত সুন্দর একটি সফটওয়্যার বানানোর জন্য ধন্যবাদ আপনাকে Works perfectly

A good application or software very useful motorists and vehicle driving persons.... 5 star

هنوز ویروس لبتابسیاهی رنگ رسیور برطرف نشده هیچ فرقی نکرده Cool

Nice app, and works well. Although I have it installed on an android car stereo. 2 things i would like to see is an autostart option and also a way to increase notification volumes as its hard to hear when music is playing. Not bad

میشود گفت اگر واقعاً عملکرد این سرویس استاندارد باشد خیلی عالی است که برای هر ماشینی لازم است منهم تازه میخواهم راه اندازی بکنم و ببینم و دومین آزمایش را تبلیغ خواهم کرد متشکرم Brilliant

Very effective overall! Great way to travel in confidence with ample detection services available in this app! Recommend

نجاح البرنامج من تعاون مستخدميه بالإبلاغ عن مواقع ساهر Works great

Thank you,really liked this app.Very useful and helpful for me.will definitely suggest to others. Superb!

Community based can't promote it enough best thing I've used as radar detectors are illegal in Australia Go well

برنامتون عالی . اگر فارسی داشت که بینظیر میشد Great job

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