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The devs has only worked on graphics. The biggest problem of the game is that how long or how short you will drive your car, your score will be same : 8578 Must have

A funny glitch - Brake the car at high speed and turn it, the car will try to ride on two wheels (note that this will work mostly on the main car of the game)! Just wow

This game i like itttt polichutta theeeer game ayindd ttacan you make it better as like high games near by 1 gb the same graphics please ingyhe game eniyum ed taaa machane pineyum kananam Amazing!

Thank you for playing Racing Horizon: Unlimited Race The highway racing game! And I want you to remove this game in the Google Play! Enough of installing this game! Cool

The scenes shown here are exactly the same in the game and its a really good game but it doesn't have arrows Good

Great graphics And a very great game for when I'm bored it would be good if U could add more cars in it Flawless

Excess of publicity sucks and performance is not the best, online mode has many bugs and troubles Highly Recommend.

I really love this game but can u guys add more supercars like ferrari and lamborghini and mclaren etc. Becuz i have unlocked all games Fabulous!

It graghics are very good.It is good game.This game is cool.After you reach in certain distance you will fall into a "whitehole"and you keep falling forever.I'd like to be fixed.Other wise very good games 5 star

Bro this game is mind blowing ..i loved only the graphics and environment.But bro i suggest you one thing for this game only you made this game in 90-100mb.plzz bro grow more this game ..update this game on huge lvl..make graphics of car real, environment more realstic,more maps and a effect of water on road also leaves falling from tree...if this upadte needs high mb then make this game 1GB..but bro make osam and cool..because we wait for the biggest update of this game or its part 2..plzzzz bro make this game on pc like real graphics..god bless u bro.. Superb!

Graphics Are Good, Control's Not Feels Responsive And Game Crashes For Me And So Many Other User's Also Awesome

Unbelievable graphics just like in screenshots dude i dont care if its just left right traffic games,,important is this game is like a pc graphics btw awesome game Fantastic

Watch out! On my Marshmallow exiting it using back button is a problem. Hope that's fixed soon otherwise a very good game... Highly Recommend.

i don't think if is it gonna be nice..cause,i haven't yet tried it before. But,i'll try to play right now and i hope it'll makes me fun and interesting Surprisingly

It's OK. The graphics are great but the controls are rubbish. All you do is drive in a straight line and once you have driven a certain distance you just fall into a huge white hole and then you have to start all over again. Plus, once i have finished, my Score is all ways the same! - please, please fix this....... Surprisingly

Great game, not perfect. The game is awesome, the controls amazing, the graphics need to be sharper but not bad for a start. I have a request............ Can we have more customization options? Not just colour. We need rim selection, spoilers, bumbers, grill, side skirts. And add more cars. Great game. Thank u in advance Superb!

I think this game like on GTA San andreas or anything else. But what.. This lika traffic racing.. Recommend

Nice game,good grafics, but..need to be improved,little dificult to play ,add more things for new tracks, cars,etc.. The grafics are above par,but game is not playable, booring not addictive... Superb!

Hey Guys i think ucs should add car sound off please, and add more cars in the game please it will be better☺. Go well

Its a good game but their should be improvement in Chase Mode and their should also be a rear view mirrior Great job

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