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Great app. But kind off buggy on font size settings. Would tell my friends about this app Muito bom!

Good content. love the fonts . amazing work by developers. different from other apps. its feels good when u see nice words on your homescreen . i love it . thank u so much . Brilliant

Good app, love the concept. I also enjoy being able to have it on a timer and manually change them as well. I would like to be able to save or share quotes though, seems like a standard feature that was overlooked. I see a lot of people saying they still get ads on the full version but I have yet to see this. Make a save feature and it will be a fiver for sure. Worth a go!

Needs more fonts. And the quote should automatically break into more lines when widget width is decreased, right now it just makes the font even smaller. Perfect!

Loving the widget! Especially with the transparent background that gives a clean look. Surprisingly

Awesome! I love that you can change the quote by tapping on the widget! Great quotes too! Flawless

I decided to pay to use full features. For whatever reason I still get ads everytime I use the app. Also the quote format is pretty sub par, changing size and placement depending on lengths of quotes. On top of this the fonts were blurry on my S7... Disappointing. It was what I was looking for, but it just failed to reach the standard I expect. Worth a go!

Its a good app but need a little bit improvements sometimes the app force stops it self you need to fix that Go well

The best app for random quotes hands down, I use it multiple times everyday, and wit it's customizations it flows flawlessly with any theme or color scheme you could think of. Excellent work to the creators Fabulous!

It's a really good app for people trying to see a quote on their home screen Flawless

Very nice, very customizable, nice collection of quotes. Crushes on occassion, though. Would really like to see bulk upload of quotes, to upload my own collection (in some predefined text format, maybe CSV, specifying category, quote and author). Doable? Thanks Not bad

So far the main thing I would like to see or do differently is to be able to resize the widgets. Great job

I like the app.,easy to customise, and interesting quotes. I don't like being continually asked if I want more free apps. or ads. for more even with the paid version. Perfect

Good app, they could have added which category of quotes i want to choose from to be shown Omg

An awesome app, but my only complaint is that my widget stops updating hourly after a period of time, and a particular quote is stagnated on my screen even when i have manually changed them on the app, please do something about it, i use a 4.4.2 android version, thanks. Not bad

its good. if we can make a little curve in widget(make it a little arc type) it would look more awesome. wow lol

Nice but…. Please add ability to Add fonts Center text or justification styles Select category to be displayed on the widget Ability to select category per weekday Then it will be perfect Well done!!

How do I get rid of all the pre installed quotes and only show the ones I personally enter? Thanks. Cool

Can add quotes on top of your current background! You can decide how often it should update the quote and even rate or delete quote you don't like! Must have

Good.. It's Good as Quotes are been updated And Even if I want to add my own Quotes I can add them. but one Thing i didn't like is even by mistake I touch the quotes on my screen it gets changed. So if there is any option that you can manually change from app and not directly by touching the widget, then it would be more better. Hope they update it soon. Worth a go!

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