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Please fix the keyboard issue. It lags very much when I type. It is very slow while typing. This is problematic when typing long answers. A sentence consumes one minute to be written. Yes I've changed keyboards but to no good. Hope i get a response or a fix from Quora team soon. Otherwise everything is perfect. Thanks. Awesome

I love Quora. The only issue I have is when I try to answer a question. It is super slow and I end up frustrated. No other app has this issue for me. Were the issue resolved, Quora would get 5 stars. Recommend

Despite the trolls who plague everything online, it's a wonderful app. Interesting discussions on many topics. I particularly love how people use the app to help each other through emotionally trying situations. I love to see people love each other. Flawless

It's a portal to the minds of the world. It's a place to share ideas, argue and find higher, wholer truths. Cool

It lags while typing the answer or deleting some typed word. And it doesn't only lags sometimes, it lags almost every time I try to time the answer. Just wow

I think this is the best learning app And why people waste their time on Facebook and WhatsApp. They have to use this app and learn New things Brilliant

So far so good, yet i feel more comfortable posting articles/ answers by using laptop/PC Good

***NEW REVIEW*** This version of the app is much better than it used to be! Love reading Q&A from a lot of people from around the world. Enjoy answering and asking questions and being able to contribute my own experiences. Good

This app need some real upheaval. Not that good. If you guys need ideas we can talk.... Marvelous

Great app! Fun to use, thousands of fun facts and life stories in bite-size morsels, and is just a great resource overall. Perfect!

My favorite app. A lot of knowledgeable and thoughtful people with good questions and great answers Works great

It is much better to spend time here than on FB or insta. It has its bugs, but Quora is not the one you should ignore. Great!

Good overall. Weakness is too much bias favoring liberal positions both among members and in administration.i dont mind bias among members but among admin i do Great!

A great place where we can share views and let the world know. It is the app which supports the old saying that pen/writing is a most powerful weapon. Awesome app for gather and share knowledge Must have

I would give this application all of the stars in the sky if it didn't keep causing my keyboard to lag and crash . This frequently keeps me from answering questions because it's too much work or at least causes me to drastically condense many of the answers that I do submit. Highly Recommend.

"Read More" doesn't work well...have to press a few times before answer expands....please revert to old way which was better. Awesome

Everything's great. But it would be way better if we could delete our own questions if wanted. Well done!!

In the age driven by information , Respected Quota comes as a pioneer. It gives people a medium to express and a teacher to learn from. It never makes you think like you are wasting time online. Awesome

Wonderful and highly knowledgeable app. It's a treasure of information and views. You can never get bored on it Pretty good

The main problem that I do have with Quora are due to the people who ask a question use local abbreviations in their question. I get quite a few questions directed to me about Public Transportation due to being knowledgeable on Transportation Issues. I can not answer questions about the Mumbai Metro where I have no personal information. These questions usually will not even say the name of the city. They quite often will say: "How do I get to B point from A point on the Metro." Do people asking these questions realize how many Metro Systems there in the world? This could be easily solved by including more information in their question such as the name of the city, state, province, or prefecture, region, and country in the question. The application itself I have no problem with at this time. Fabulous!

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