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Amazing community with a wide array of views. My only complaint is right wing thinking sometimes gets collapsed and seems slightly political in that way. Amazing!

Highly addictive, but in the best way possible. As someone who primarly reads other answers rather than answering things myself, I'm constantly amazed at how much I learn on a daily bases. Worth it!

Sometimes when I click on answer or comment, it keeps loading but nothing shows up. Also it's a bit slow.. Apart from that, is pretty good. Cool

Great app. I never get bored when I am on it. And most importantly, it is educative. Each time I get bored I just go there. Good

I reported the problem like 10 times but still not fixed :( . Please fix it asap. Fabulous!

Many of the answers given on this site have been incredibly insightful. I will continue to use it into the foreseeable future. Fantastic

Great app!! I dont know why only 5 million downloads, may be people are busy in selfies not knowledge. Great!

Well after a long time i get a platform where I met with very renowned and experienced guys who shared their valuable knowledge and experience with novice without expecting any monetary rewards in lieu of their knowledge, a time will come it will surpass to the facebook as it growing everyday Go well

I have a working Data and wifi. But it says can't connect to Internet.. Please fix at the earliest.. Pretty good

Its Very slow...consume too much data and too much space in phone memory by day my phone memory is getting increased because of Quora .pls try to provide solution for the mentioned problems Must have

This is the best app that connects with every wonderful persons all over world and gives solutions to many problems..... Great work Works perfectly

Great platform to read and answer questions......but the app is deteriorating with every update, and irrelevant and other questions show up in the feed need to be updated. Worth a go!

It is a good platform to share knowledge and it encourages thinking and writing abilities of any person.The only problem is due certain deficient mindsets when people with closed minds start asking questions and trolling the targeted writers of different viewpoints. Just wow

I like Quora but the only thing with the app is that it consumes more mobile internet data. Well done!!

I like to be made to think. Quora gets me there. Some rediculous questions spice it up Superb!

Awesome! Platform to gain and share knowledge, experience, and utilize free time to read and make us good reader and writer. It's like i find my way of living! Enjoy it!

Use it on a daily basis. Just a few problems. Crashes few times while writing answers. Fix that. Great job

Productive Instead on wasting time on centric social media apps, you can have same fun scrolling quora feeds. Omg

Great Quora community barring a few.It has a very wide range of topics and some great and experienced writers who share their knowledge through their answers love it

Is it acquired by Facebook or likewise.. why it is behaving like it? The feed is filled with atleast one advertising banner per page. Too much.. Well done!!

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