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The app is fairly good. It loses a star because every now and then its text input fields will become extremely laggy. Then I have to force close it before it will recover. Superb!

Quora is a way to express your own being.. You can ask questions about what you think, what you want to know or you need any help out of difficulty.. and you can answer up to many questions, many queries available at Quora.. Many experts, knowers can help you to explore your imagination... Recommend

It's time to ditch useless FB and WhatsApp and go for Quora! I've learnt so much by the replies of other people. And I try my best to educate others too! Must have

Wonderful app, it's like the 'Facebook of learners', just see to it that you don't let it become one. Spam content, questions seeking advices and 'what made you sad today ?' like questions are taking the domain in a wrong direction. Omg

When viewing topics, there is only a limited number of questions I can see until i refresh the page. When i refresh the page I get a smaller number of questions, and then I have to refresh again to read more questions. I should be able to view as much questions as I scroll down, not keep on refreshing everytime I finish the questions.. wow lol

It gives you attractive knowledge about the world. It also different from others app. When you bored then you should open this app and get relief by knowing the world's past present and future. Well done!!

Some of the questions are biased and misinformed. Perhaps Quora can improve its algo? Marvelous

I'm addicted to this app. It's very helpful with any questions you might need extra insight on. And you can ask anything 100% anonymously.. Love it. Works great

The share button is too close to downvote button. I don't want to accidentally downvote answers. Amazing!

The mobile app can be a bit flakey but it is usable if you don't mind occasionally losing what you have written. Navigation could be easier but not bad for a free app. Great job

As an author of book Get Your Dream Job, my expertise in answering questions of job applicants has become very simple. I find a lot of serious candidates asking quality questions. Moreover, a well written answer goes viral too. This is a right platform for subject matter experts. A lot of useful features like check stats on mobile app, up vote (like) notifications, mark questions as answer later and quality answer circulated in Quora Digest to thousands. Flawless

Excellent app, but frequent updates and changes to the interface can be confusing and frustrating. Great!

I like the app because it gives you a scope to connect with a lot of people with different types of experiences and you get to know a lot about whatever topic you have interest in. And its better than facebook or, instagram in a sense that it deals with reallife experiences and thoughts and knowledge instead of day-to-day pictures and check ins. Muito bom!

Quora is an amazing community forum for everything imaginable. There are all sorts of people you meet here, from 12yr old self proclaimed CEO's to actual corporate Hedge fund managers. Every one states their own opinion and you simply wonder' wow even that's possible'. Go well

Almost 99% of my 429 answers on Quora. have been written using the Quora app. I attribute my extensive use of the Quora to the great features of the Quora. App. I can access Quora while moving from place to place or in between work intervals or at odd places only by virtues of this app. This is indispensable for me. All the best! Perfect

I love Quora! It's an awesome community full of intelligent people who want to share stories and information. I can not speak highly enough of the community. The app is and will always be quirky. It's a product of both the app's implementation and the weird ideas the Quora admins come up with to preserve the integrity of our community. It's hard to figure out who posted a question. You can't provide details to your question. You don't get notified when people answer because you did not follow your own question. So many quirks. And yet the best group of people from all over the world you'll ever encounter. This is a must-have app. Recommend

Using it, seeing answers on questions which were looking idiot stuff at first. You will expand your knowledge in many ways, and in areas you don't know yet ! wow lol

Getting worse day by day. With each update, the interface is getting uglier. Too much ads nowadays. Content quality is just shit these days. I miss old Quora Highly Recommend.

I like the idea behind Quora, and the contributions are really appreciated. However, sometime Quora ask me to answer a question that posted one year age, and has some answers with high upvotes to them. Which mean this question has been answered. I suggest to avoid showing these king of questions, and just show questions that has no answer yet. Peace. Surprisingly

New update again very bad.. made it a news reading app! Stay with the USP that mafe you What you guys are today! Let it be QUORA only Perfect!

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