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Good app to learn about other people's opinions in a more respectful environment. However, It lags since sometime whenever I try to answer a question. Works great

Excellent app not going to lie I spend my mornings scrolling away on quora. My only cavets are is that I wish there was a feature that let me download like 'x' amount of questions and posts so I could read offline. And the new links feature is sorta annoying but I have found some links interesting. But overall not a deterrent and still a great app. 5 star

quora is good! but lot of unnecessary stuff and unwanted answers. You need to be choosy to look for answers. Also my some of the questions are always unanswered Perfect!

I think this app is a great way to interact with other people needing answers to their questions. Although there are some people who post questions that are absolutely absurd. I have a lot of fun answering the questions that I'm able to. Kudos to the devs.. Superb!

Great app if you like writing, story telling or simply enjoying reading stories and different people's ideas and life perspective... you might become addicted yo it. Highly Recommend.

In Quora, I find myself at lost reading other people's stories, experiences and wisdom. Its like a daily dose of inspiration that later became a habit. Its a great platform to be in! wow lol

Excellent forum. Trolls aside, it's a great place to learn and share. The forum contains a great deal of dedicated members who are interested in furthering knowledge, and who are happy, willing and able to help others find the answers to their questions. Recommend

This is the best place to invest your time in rather than scrolling through the news feeds of facebook, twitter or instagram. Quite intellectual app! I learnt a lot through this app. Interacted with experts in their respective fields. And moreover it's very simple. It goes like this: You have a question in your mind? Ask it on quora. Request answers from experts. And also people can ask you to answer questions from the field you expertise in. So it's just a wonderful platform to share knowledge!! I recommend everyone to use it. You won't regret, for sure!! Perfect!

I went from being an isolated intellectual to having intelligent conversation with fellow students of life. It changed my life. As a person with disabilities who still has a functional brain this isn't just the best smartphone app it's the best use I have ever found for the internet. Perfect

It's a life changing app. No wonder it has millions of users sharing content, knowledge and life experiences. The only thing left now is to read, learn and apply!! Love the app and lots of gratitude for keeping it this way. Worth a go!

There are lots of issues with this app.. The idea is great ! But the app has not been that great ..I would suggest you make a better user freindly experience,suggestions always welcome Works perfectly

I love it too much. I was very addicted person of social media and wasted lot of time .But due to it , I have deactivated my all social media accounts and spend more time on quora which gives peace to my mind. And happy and peacefull life. Must have

One of the absolutely best app I ever had in my life. Using Quora has made me learn so much. I sincerely thank Adam D'Angelo for this idea and it's been helping people all over the world satisfy their thirst to know Pretty good

I love Quora. A good place to learn useful knowledge. However, lately the number of irrelevant contents - ads and clickbaits - has become too many. 5 star

I find this app to be very informative and it provides a platform to share views and get to know about many people of high qualification. You can get guidance from the one you follow and those who have achieved a lot in their life. Great job

This app has been my go to for sometime now. I love reading the bright personalities talk about any topic you can imagine. I've even had some questions of mine answered on this question and answer based app. 5/5 Surprisingly

It's a beautiful app i just loved it, i use quora most of the times now compare to fb, i gained lots of knowledge from quora,i request only one thing to developer's that some fake profiles are listed on quora of girls, as they say to message them on a particular website link given by them on their fake profile,i have previously reported some of the profile's to quora before just do a checking of it,as i don't want quora to loose its charm,because quora is not a dating app or website, and some fake girls are trying to do it so... Marvelous

My favourite website/app. Would've given 5/5 stars if not for the social feed which feeds us bullshit articles from Daily Mail and BuzzFeed to name a few which just spoils the entire experience. Worth it!

a good app to develope your knowledge wealthier. Off course on the course of improving it you can also world with different perspective. Cool

Very interesting and mentally stimulating (mostly in a good way). You get to chat with intelligent strangers you couldn't have otherwise in other social media apps. Easy to find people of similar wavelength here, and you can engage peacefully in a detached manner. Wit galore. Careful now: it can also keep you up with untimely inspirations to answer random questions of interests. Writers and readers beware! ;) Cool

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