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Anyone in the world can ask any question they can imagine, and anyone in the world can answer it. Sure there's a lot of dumb answers and a lot of really dumb questions, but there's just as many really smart answers and really good questions. I spend way too much time on this when I should be sleeping. When I see a question that I feel I have a really good answer to, especially if no one else has a similar answer, I enjoy giving my standpoint. That being said I spend just as much or even more time just reading everybody else's. There's many times when I'll read an answer that's way smarter than what I was gonna say. There's countless university professors and other highly educated people that contribute their knowledge to anyone willing to ask the question. There's also many many people who have just had a lot of experience in life and can answer more personal questions. There's a lot of other people that are just good story tellers who have interesting things to say. I don't use any social media except Facebook and I rarely use that. I just scroll through stuff every now and then or talk to family I don't keep up with enough in real life, but I really enjoy Quora. I highly recommend it. Muito bom!

Shame on quora. Why do you want my contact list? Want to sell the info? Why can't you allow people to use the app without giving their contacts? Great job

One of all-time favorite apps! It cannot be overstated how much this app teaches you - it exposes to a plethora of new subjects. Although, it's not necessarily a substitute for reading books, it's one of the best ways to spend your free time, such as on a Worth it!

Simply, Quora is the best place to invest time and you'll surely get something that's priceless.. Knowledge. I can write a lot about Quora but my 5 star rating will say it all. Just one thing I don't get notifications if someone answers my question. Thanks a lot to Quora, Inc. Fantastic

The app is a great way to spend time in a creative way and also improve your knowledge. It encourages both reading and writing, most of which happens to be non-fiction as they are based on real life experiences. Personally, I think Quora is the best thing to happen to us humans since the beginning of digital age. Muito bom!

Such an awesome app that takes you to an other world..... The world of non-stop knowledge.. There are just no limits of how much you can gain with Quora, great bunch of people present in the developing committee... Keep it up! Brilliant

I have been using quora for a while now. It turns out to be the best interface to interact with people and read their views related to different topics. But, there are few questions on Quora which aren't acceptable at all. (If you use Quora you'll know.) So Quora is losing its charm in that area. Amazing!

I Don't felt time waste even a single second in spending time with quora it is a right place for knowing everything and sharing it's better if questions were answered quickly by the users however it is very good to use and Thank you Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever for their idea of doing apps like quora from all the users thank you Perfect!

I read a little Quora when I'm feeling the need for a little light educational reading. I learn a lot of interesting tidbits, participate in the discussion style questions and answers. And you can choose your topics of interest easily, follow favorite opiners. Just wow

Usually i browse through quora just before going to sleep. Some questions are repetetive or just plain stupid! But some articles enthrall me. Good stuff Not bad

This app is really helpful if u want to use it in proper way...lots of knowledge sharing and motivational stories...moreover you can relate those stories with u... it also helped my writing skills in public platform... thumps up to Quora.... Marvelous

Quora after the latest update has become different. Recently, I am not able to see posts from people which I earlier use to see. Somehow I feel the posts are not aligned with the people and topics I follow. Otherwise it would be really good Recommend

I very much loved this app but after a recent update its not working. I just want to ask the developers, why you people ruin a good working app if you can't update it properly? love it

This app is very good and i spend atleast 5 minutes everyday on quora but it needs some improvements. Everytime i go to some link in the app, it crashes and and says "try again"..plzz solve this problem Omg

The platform does a great job of learning from your usage and surfacing rich content. Mute the Quora celebrities though. Their fans upvote all their useless posts, tricking Quora's quality filters. Surprisingly

How tough would it be for you guys to adopt the new adaptive icon guidelines? It's been almost a year now and you still haven't figured this. Sad! Not bad

For sure its changes ua thinking ability & u ll enrich uaself.. U can learn moral values & much more.. I must say im addicted & im loving it. Highly Recommend.

Okay. I'm an active user.(In love with quora) The only thing is,the app needs a lot of improvements. 1.Not sure how the messaging or conversation works! 2.Needs a lot of work in terms of simplicity. Man this app's too complicated. Should be organised better. 3.Need to work on that add question - people might have long questions to ask. So limiting them to a little is not so good Marvelous

I love quora. But recently i find out that i am not able to see all my bookmarked answers. After scrolling down few answers, an error occurs and says: tap to try again. this is really a rage inducing occurance. I have bookmarked some very important answers and now I am not able to access them when I need to read them. Pls help.... Enjoy it!

I love quora, the content is great. When I click the back button from a specific article, I end up back at the very top of the feed, not where I left off. Also, when I click the links for the professionally written articles, it always tells me there is no internet and I can't read it Well done!!

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