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I rated it 4/5 initially but after the latest update, the app, in the answer section, shows same topic multiple times. Also, extremely slow loading!Please fix the bugs! love it

Good time killer and some interesting answers. A lot of questions asked by internet trolls. Fantastic

best platform to share your views about the world and know what you dont through quora, the best place ever to share/know/gain knowledge. Worth it!

Provide features to customize font and custom backgrounds. The white background and small fonts strains on eyes and makes stuffs feel boring after a while. I hope this will enhance love for quora Highly Recommend.

One of THE BEST. A very informative source. Makes me think twice before doing anything. A COMPLETE PACKAGE OF MIXED EMOTIONS Omg

Most recent update keeps making my phone say the app crashed. Uninstalling for now because of it. Google Pixel XL. Works great

The content is good, but the ads and news clips are really annoying. I was addicted to Quora, but it really isn't what it was. Muito bom!

Get all your questions, doubts solved here. Be more intelligent with the help of this app. Amazing!

Update has fixed what the last one broke, and quite quickly too. Now if only Quora would listen to the contributiors, reinstate descriptions and sort out BNBR. Awesome

Superb resource with wide range of experience and skills. Informative and entertaining as well as thought provoking. Enjoy it!

Actually life is too short to repeat mistakes done by others on quora many people write any their experience and really I learn a lot thanks a lot to Quora Worth a go!

Would be great if u gyz include a night mode option as the white background is straining our eyes after a while. Hope you would take this into concern. Thank you. Worth it!

Does what it's supposed to most of the time. Few niggles with anal moderators but that's all. Pretty good

I came across different of ideas & experiences through this app.Its user friendly features can hold my attention for a long time. Well done!!

If you really want to make your future better spend your time in quora inspite of wasting your time in other unusefull social medias love it

A very useful source of information and also very funny, because of all the idiotic questions and answers. Great!

Very useful but I need some features like being anonymous from the profile itself or restrict follower following list wow lol

The most informative and interesting app for knowledge and questions I've come across. I highly recommend everyone to have this on the phone. Brilliant

Here one can share and gain knowledge about everything u want to. Loved this app... Good

I use this app to read articles and it really improve my writing skills. When I write something, i tent to follow the style from what I read. Superb!

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