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Plz improve the search bar,it takes a ton of time to complete the search. +. Since I updated my mi4 to cm 13 quota hangs horribly plz help Works perfectly

The premise of Quora makes it the best of social media for me, because every posting has a subject matter. The support staff does a decent job of keeping discussions from slipping over the line into personal invective, but by and large it's a community that takes great pains to give thoughtful and well-informed answers to meaningful questions. Just wow

I believe in you QUORA. I will support you. I am using it as i am sharing my knowledge with World and gaing from them. Its on 1st of my social media list. QUORA is also helping me in improving my English. wow lol

This app will randomly send me a strange suspicious popup that I can't remove without exiting the program. The pop ups are generally congratulations for winning a contest and look extremely shady. I love the content, but this literally just happened, again, right before I was asked to rate the product. Go well

Amazing app for learners and readers of all age. Feed can refresh automatically asap. And articles (other sites) between feed are little annoying. Great job

Installed the app 10 days back. Performing well till now...but today cant expand any answer. Good

Really nice if you are looking for answers. Too bad that some people find it the right place for asking any question, including the most stupid, which only contributes to creating entropy. Muito bom!

After the update,the app is crashing very frequently. I've been sending the crash report each time. But all those don't come to mind when surfing Quora :) Enjoy it!

I am on quora. I always feel good to say it. But now my Interest is declining day by day with the usual questions and I am not able to find new content. I have to search for new topic and it's difficult for me because I don't know where to start. There is no specific place for finding new topics to explore on the app. The recent updates gave a video section on quora. Do u guys think is it really worth it.?? I think team quora wants to become a new YouTube with cool videos. I genuinely feel it's not worth to have a video section on quora. Instead it's good to have a explore section on quora which helps to explore new topics . That would be much useful. Works perfectly

Such a fantastic app! It's my favorite go to app for info on just about any/everything as well as being extremely entertaining as you will always be guaranteed to see some ultra crazy questions/answers on a daily if not hourly basis! This is one of those apps you'll keep from wow lol

It's a good app. You're able to share and receive knowledge by like minded people. But there are trolls. Must have

I think there should be an option to save questions offline. Sometimes app fails to load the question. Enjoy it!

Outsource your ignorance, and gain insight and answers from people around the globe. It's like Yahoo Answers, but good. Amazing!

It could be better if it has a night reading mode, we mostly use quora at night, that's why four stars... Also Quora should have a feature of saving answer for offline reading because in some places internet sucks.... I hope my review will reach quora soon and they will accept my review in the next update of quora. Surprisingly

You are forcing me to download the app. I just want to read one answer fully on my phone. This is not fare Works great

I love Quora but this Android app does not have a settings page. I can't change the notification settings so that I don't receive so many. I would like to turn off the daily digest notifications, and minimize the number of notifications I see about my content. This seems like a basic feature but I can't find any settings anywhere. Fabulous!

Awesome app. Sometimes the stories grabb me and can't do anything else but read and read. Omg

It is an amazing app. We can get more information from this app. A student should have this app in his smartphone. Brilliant

It's a wonder that we have so many informed and beautiful thinkers among us - who might not be typically popular but really are those big minds who discuss and debate ideas. Quora is one of the most productive applications of the internet ever made. I think everybody who has an access to internet must sign up for Quora. It's not just a website, it's an environment in which we must desire and deserve to live in wow lol

A very great app i have never seen before.... I like this most cuz it gives us a lot of knowledge... And it also make us to think about relevant things Not bad

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