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Great app for learning and sharing your knowledge. Does exactly what it says it does in an intuitive, no-nonsense way. Recommend

Quora used to be full of smart interesting people. Now there are an increasing number of trolls and idiots. The mobile app often hangs and doesn't load answers which is super annoying. Highly Recommend.

It's a wonderful app designed to gather diverse practical knowledge Find it very useful whenever I am in dilemma Marvelous

Quora is of course awesome. The app however...not so much. It's messy and difficult to navigate. It is littered with ads that hide in amongst the feed and the pop-up prompts take up too much of the reading space. Rather annoying to use. Perfect!

Quora is helpful by serving important issues for greater discussion but some of the issues are very less justifications. This will kill one's precious timings. But I cant remark negative. Thankful quora it has associated and give me a chance to experience divergent experts in various field. Thank you again. Pretty good

In a world of fluff filled, superficial, intellectually degrading social networks comes an app that serves a purpose other than to inflate your ego. Broaden your horizons and cultivate your mind with Quora. Share your wisdom with others and unlock the wealth of knowledge shared by millions of Quora users around the globe. Marvelous

Glitch: using italics and bold has problems. When ever I turn them off, they duplicate any additional letters I type. Very annoying. I use a galaxy s7 phone. Thanks. Go well

1.Where is Formula button in Answer mode? 2. Images won't load automatically, I have to click them to see. Fantastic

I am completely in love with Quora. It's the best social networking site that provides you some real good pieces of knowledge and information. Good

Great app for curious minds! No matter what your question is, there are always some people on quora who are willing to come up with great answers. Amazing!

The design is a bit rudimentary as moving between pages is not that smooth, especially when trying to write, edit or add comment to an answer. It gives me bad gateway error sometimes. It doesn't perform well in slow connectivity. After submitting edit to an answer it sometimes reverts to the previous state. Functionalities are fine. The idea is awesome. Informative app Perfect

It's really awesome.... I spend most of my time on quora. It's better and much more informative than insta or facebook. But can you guys plzz add the night mode in it? The white background is really stressing my eyes out. Flawless

This app use to be amazing, then they started flooding your feed with ads and news stories. If I wanted news I would go to a news website. I get the ads, they are annoying but they generate revenue, the news stories however are all from well known biased news sources. love it

I have been using quora from past few years... I believe it is very useful tool to gain knowledge .... But I had lost my interest in the mid time because of lot of unusual stuff and questions asked by the people... Now, I am in peace because I had un- followed all the irrelevant topics .... Well done!!

Its always showing me error 504: gateway timeout. And recently i am having trouble with a guy who is always reporting me for using fake names when i am using my real name Just wow

Some of the stuff, I really find interesting, enlightening thought provoking. Some, I think, is despicable, left field kind of material. In other words, pretty thorough. And that's a good thing. Surprisingly

It keeps crashing, unable to use for more than 5 minutes. The older version was much better. Miss that. Muito bom!

Sometimes confusing but could get use to it. Needs improvement on how the menu or topics are presented. Cool

A few months ago, I would have given the app a 5 star review, but recent updatss have changed that. There is now way too many ads and external links rather than in app content. I appreciate that the company wants to make money but I would rather have paid for the app to be honest. Perfect

No matter how much quality and knowledgeable answers QUORA provides. There will always be enough dumb people out there to post unnecessary comments for no reason. Hi-5 Team Quota. Thanks for your work. Muito bom!

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