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Amazing platform, but less flexible app UI Although Quora is an amazing knowledge platform, technically its app version seems to need more improvement. The app is good to use as a reader but if you want to change some settings or customize basic functionality like connecting WordPress blogs or sync Facebook friends to your Quora profile, you would need to switch to the desktop version (which is also not available as a link on your mobile browser, and would need a desktop device to login to). Muito bom!

Simply awesome There us no need to rate this app this is not like a crap like FAC***k where people show off there fake life in simple this is for real people who want to live real life . Recommend

Must have for curious ppl Have u any questions?? Want to appropriate answers ??? Then u should download this....... Perfect!

A forum where decent discussions take place I like it a lot. You can discuss a wide range of topics. If you don't get an answer right away, trust that someone will answer it. If you want more answers, trust that you will in time get those answers. Great job

One stop solution This is one stop solution place. Quality and real expanded person available here to replay best n perfact answer. Go well

This is the best I'm not sure if Google does or doesn't index quora... but if I can't find information on the Internet about an extremely particular topic quora is the first or second place I go! <3 Must have

UI isn't smooth The content on Quora is excellent however the UI is not that smooth and a bit tangled. wow lol

Buggy but great content Love it! Great community producing wonderful content. But...just recently I've been experiencing problems with the app. Screen not responding, unable to upvote, crashing. Only a problem this last week or so. Cool

Absolutely love it!! It's like a forum in an app minus all the nuisance of it. It definitely requires more work but even the current version is really very nice. Works great

Nice app Some suggesting : polling question must also be there and one must get notification when somebody answer his or her question. Perfect

Great app, but takes some time to load. Just one problem with this app, it takes some time to load. It's not fast like I expected. My phone runs on Android lollipop 5.0.2. Please make this app fast. Marvelous

Excellent! For any mind with unquenchable thirst this is Exactly what you need . And incredible for spending boring long hours. Recommend to download Quora APK.

Great! I call it 'knowledge transfer application' , which is just what I need. Bravo and keep up good work. Love it!. Recommend to take Quora APK.

Not ART compatible! The app only runs with dalvik. I. switched my vm to the new ART which probably would be the vm which android would use by default. Please make it ART compatible. Recommend to install Quora APK.

#killing-time Very Useful! If you want to while your time away, quora is a place where you can do that as well as learn new things. It is good that atleast one app has a different UI than it's iPhone counterpart. This app also gets all of your questions answered. 5 stars from me...

#logic-game so awesome...! i don't think anyone truly knows what it can be yet. will give it 4stars as an incentive to keep going and improving... very impressed!

Very informative! The diversity of questions and topic makes u learn a lot of new things...just facing an issue..the comment is taking unusually longer than before

Superb app! One that actually useful.! Really, what more can you ask? A lot! And lots of great questions has been answered by great people. I have learned (or informed) many things on many subjects that I never thought existed! Awesome!

#playing-a-game Nice, but needs help! Not a bad app, but a number of things are not easy to do and I can't even find a way to reply to some of the comments. It's not an easy app to use, to just easily comment and reply. I still haven;t even found how to post a new subject with a "topic" (group). Yet I could create a new topic easily. Of course after that, I cannot see how to post the first message into a new topic that I created.

Great app! An awesome app, would like to be able to follow a question that is asked, and not the whole topic. I thought this was in the app but if so, it doesnt seem to be working properly.

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