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As a service, it's brilliant. Its community is awesome. For the most part, the app is great. However, there's one major problem: when typing in a question, the app will pop up other similarly written questions. When it does, you can't see your own question you're typing in and you can't dismiss this pop-up. Makes it way to difficult to ask through the app! Just wow

It's good. To read new stuff and share your own knowledge and experience.but the interface of app is slow. It hangs while typing. And moderation bots are worst. Worth a go!

It is best site I ever is platform where different type of people where shares their point of view how they looks things..nd sahare their perception...nd logical ideas... Superb!

I think it is a good platform for those seeking knowledge and intelligent discussion Omg

Best app , helps to learn and better in an interesting way. Meant for those who think out of the box... Go for it , you will not regret it later or sooner Enjoy it!

Pretty decent interface but when it comes to making a new question it is one of the worst experiences I've ever had from an app. Brilliant

The app has it's good and bad points. The refreshing thing about it is the type of people that you find on it. For the most part, they are very intelligent and well spoken. It's nice to interact with higher primates! Omg

Please add recently read answers section so that we can view the answers which hadn't been upvoted..Also review the answer collapsing policy. Make the writing section more comfortable for quorans !! Flawless

It's a great app, but I've given 3 star for the app. Whenever I write something in this app it stucks. It slow down my writing speed and make spelling mistakes. Kindly solve the problem and make the app lite. Must have

It is an extremely useful app. It helps you write your believes to be judged by professionals. It is not such a place for socialising but for meeting great people and learn something about every thing. love it

Its a right place where u can share ur experience, and also read the other experience. But some time Quora app show not connected internet on the same time website work properly Not bad

It is really helpful.. It allow u to be in contact with the right people.I like it Superb!

Good app for shitposting, but I really can't stand typing answers. It takes minutes to write what should take seconds, due to a ridiculous amount of lag while typing. Aside from that, I like it. But please fix, the lag makes me want to headbutt a table. Great job

Gives me a good idea of what's happening in my subject matter area (positioning, naming, branding and internet domains) and facilitates networking with others to keep up on any subject. Frequent user! Just wow

Not only does quora help us gain knowledge, it has even reduced my addiction to social networking sites. Wonderful platform to pick up on a lot of things. Thank you quora ☺️ Pretty good

The app is ok but Quora's moderators and most users are too much indoctrinated by the liberals, (even about history), missing lot of objectivity and righteousness. I've lost complete interest in this Quora ego-centric group/tool. Flawless

Very addicting! It would be great if there was a history section for all the answers I've read. wow lol

The app doesn't work anymore for some reason I can't even get on to the network the app is apparently garbage now Fantastic

Quora app is amazing but we need a setting like night mode. It is irritates to look phone screen more time. So please make avail night mode in this app. Fantastic

Good plataform for gaining knowledge , understanding lifes and opinions of all categories of people Superb!

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