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Very accurate and fast. You could also check the product online and share with your friends. Good work 5 star

Ultra fast QR and bar-code scanner. It able to save your money if you are in store that price match. I tired it on bar-code for discount code and it gave me instant result. This scanner is excellent with all features. Superb!

Its very fast than other qr barcode scanner tools. I have tried many but no one compare to this tool. There is also QR generator features. Fully satisfied with this app. Must have

Very fastest qr cide scanner with qr and barcode generator features. Thanks guys Worth a go!

QR code scanner superb work u have done it.. It has so newness and uniqueness in it.. Specially the interface its so attractive and friendly in its own way.. Well work just keep making like this app more n more Works great

Very helpfull and nice design for qr scanner... for very pepole useful android app thanks developer... Marvelous

Good qr scanner apps. Rly accurate! And work well too. Nice one. Rly love this apps. Flawless

Wow amazing application. after long time I found the perfect application I really like it because of it's unique features Good

QR code scanner is so good app for real fun we have to get real benefits of this Fabulous!

Wow perfect app for me. Such awesome Barcode reader and generator. Really like it. Pretty good

We code scanner is really awesome application I love this app superb work great app Omg

QR Code Scanner provides an excellent way to culture documents images as well everything that you need to scan. It's fantastic apps. Great job

its a very useful application , it can scan all kind of QR codes and bar codes , thanks to the history of the scanned details Superb!

This app works great! It captures QR codes in an instant which tops most other QR codes I tried in the past. The auto-focus feature really help speed up the QR code capturing process which prevents it from being blurry. The awesome flashing effects in the app also are very nice to see, it made me happy to see that as I'm using the app. I say try this out for sure! Great job

This QR code scanner app is great! It is a quality scanner that is fast and efficient. It works better than other scanners that I've tried. 5 star

Qr code scanner is very nice and very amazing and very great app I love this app Omg

QR code scanner is amazing App...awesome fabulous fantastic beautiful App...very good and nice App...wonderful app...i like it App...good work and helpfull is amazing App. Superb!

QR code scanner it's very awesome application nice development good work i like it keeep it up Not bad

Qr code scanner Excellent and amazing application and very good work I like it keep it up. Recommend

QR code scanner it's very coll and awesome applications it's very best development keep it up Good

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