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It has a core element of brain training in it, in that it improves your ability to organise. Perfect

At first I thought it was another boring game but it turns out that I was wrong. It is not bad so far. Recommend

The best game ever! I can't stop playing! I really enjoyed! You guys are amazing! Congrats love it

Good game. The "out of move!" Should read "out of moves!"... And the same screen has a typo. It reads socre instead of score. Other than that I'm enjoying the game. Thanks 5 star

I like this game at 1st I didn't get it but now I get the the idea it is fun especially if your boerd Cool

Honesty, the only thing I have a problem with is that there's no option to turn the sound off. Or even just to lower the volume on the app itself.... Flawless

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