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Dai goota badu...u stupid media...dont knw wat is currently going in Tamil nadu but sterlite...u stupid media...u guys just breaked the tamil nadu people trust on u....stupid Tamil nadu media....Goota pun.... Fabulous!

உள்ளது உள்ளபடி தகவல் அளிப்பவன் புதிய தலைமுறை Surprisingly

The new updated vertion is too bad where the live streaming is still loading!!!! Works perfectly

Nice App. Really helpful to read all headline and latest news. Please include Time with Date. Perfect!

மிகவம் உண்மையான உன்னதமான ஊடகம் Perfect

நம்ம டிவி சேனல் புதியதலைமுறை மேன்மேலும் வளற வாழ்த்துகள் Muito bom!

புதிய அப்டுடேட் மிக அருமை.. லய்வ் ஆடியோ மிக அருமையாக இயங்குகிறது மிக்க நன்றி தொடரட்டும் உங்கள் பனி வாழ்த்துக்கள். Highly Recommend.

Useful but more adds Very usefull appa only one issue they are more adds. Remove adds ......adds eat more data Perfect

This app gives notifications of live program after 15mins only even though the program is opened.Give an updations quick Pretty good

This app is very useful... And each and every second update the current news.... Awesome... I loved it Marvelous

Keep please support Tamilanz... Ungaluku nanga yapaium supporta irupom.mukiyam alanganalur la irukura camera man and anger. Nalla support .And special thanks to puthiya thalaimurai MD Superb!

Awesome In My Place, Mobile Network Speed Is Very Low. But In This Channel I Can Easily View Live Tv Im My Mobile, Thanku PT Team For The Useful App. Works great

Everything is super but the add Everything is super including the live TV. Live TV is very very ....super, but the add is not allowing to see clearly. Superb!

Excellent.. news updates are live... Live TV updates and support is great. I loved it. I am working in Megalaya, I am watching everyday and notifications are useful. Great!

NO 1 NEWS channel Integrity News Channel... Always NO.1 News Channel.. Tamil Nadu People relying Your NEWS only Pretty good

Good liked it Understand ads are the source of revenue but try to do that without annoying the user. There is a thin line between distracting to get attention for ads that get you revenue but if prolongs in annoying manner then user will tend to move towards others. Worth it!

It's very nice channel App This should reach each and every corner of tamilans. உண்மை உடணுக்குடன் தெரிந்து கொள்ள கண்டிப்பாக பார்க்க வேண்டிய புதிய தலைமுறை Fantastic

Need improvements The app s good.The arrangement of news suggestions need some clarity And need to stop auto scrolling in video of the day and cine bite section. Must have

PT as an Android app..great effort from the development team...hope gets a good reach. Recommend

Needs development...all program videos are not playable...only live streaming of news is good...improvement needed.... Great job

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