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Good, it would be cool though if you could input your height and weight for an accurate calories bored, very good though, loving it, reccomended. Works great

Love this app. However, the fact that there is no provision of rest days and any day off will eat into your daily average is a bit of a letdown. Worth a go!

Great my freind bet that he would pay me 1 doller a push up at the start I could only do one now I can do 73 thanks app Works great

Great app! Always have time for it. Trust me....I can always tell when I'm out of shape! Fabulous!

I used it 4 years ago and it kept me motivated to do a lot of push ups every day. I want to get back in shape and I believe this app will help me to beat old record (400 push ups in one day) Cool

Baixei a coleção! Ótimo pra uma rotina básica de exercícios. O APP faz um teste da sua condição física no início e depois te desafia constantemente a subir de nível Good

Love this an other apps thats associated with this one I only have one problem with it doesn't have a rest day or days an when you do take a rest day it lowers the averages on daily push ups Superb!

Actually i am very pleased with the app. But I would suggest you to make it somewhat more attractive and advanced so that more people will use it and we too will enjoy the application user interface. Great job

55 and loving it. It's keeping me active and fit. Resting pulse rate 44. Four years later and still loving this app. 59 years old 4 months away and fit for life. Amazing!

No need to count the sets and it is really a good idea to touch the nose to the screen it records while doing pushups Not bad

Just trying this afternmaxing out another app. Can't figure how to pay to get rid of apps, but once I will, this will be great. Muito bom!

It's quite good but I wish it would record the breakdown each day (each individual set) and have a total for the day somewhere as it's not easy to tell from the graph - especially useful when not using the training program. Good

Very nice and effective. An awesome app from the developer. I've seen many results on myself. And the record, the application maintains is evident. It's very nice. Awesome

This app is so beneficial, because, instead of going to the gym, you exercise right at home. This app can take you to higher hights, you never been to. This can improve your muscle mass and this can make you feel confident about your body. I advise who ever uses the app, if you start, don't stop keep. Just keep going. Perfect!

Nornally do about 25 press ups but just looking at the count down it motivates me to finish all the push ups and being able to feel the pump makes me wanna do more and a did it on hard lv it Surprisingly

The app is amazing but it has a small problem. It counts push-ups when you touch the screen and that makes the posture wrong. So I'm hoping to get an update which uses proximity sensor for the same. Muito bom!

Keeping track of my push up # daily would be nice and voice command i guess would be cool o and mabe a give me a correct diet that fits how i want to look, example im trying to gain weight so it would tell me what to eat daily after work out. Pretty good

Works well, like the home screen widget and progress chart but the ads are becoming more and intrusive. I understand it's a free app but still. Surprisingly

This app got me working my hardest instead of mentally telling myself "I can't do it". Lots of great features. Really a great app overall. Perfect!

In 3 months it made me got muscles on my arm though but I had to do like 300 push up each day by the time I was done I realize that I did 10000 push ups but I did them on top of a chair can this be effective Perfect!

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