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GRRREAT GAME! I play this for hours! My favorite thing but there are some minor glitches in the game! But I still love this game sooooo cute! And an reat story line but.. it doesnt have a full meaning... and who else tried searching for this game and never showed up? ME Well done!!

I really liked the game, but I already beat it. I bought everything, saw all the cats, and completed the story. It was a very cute game, but very short. It only took me a few hours to complete. I still enjoyed it, though. ^_^ Great job

Installed game-began feeding TONS of stray cats! This is the 1st game in months that I have spent more than 2 minutes playing. TWO HOURS LATER I'm still feeding millions of stray and loving it!! Works perfectly

Its awesome and addictive. The only thing I want to complain about is. Once the tutorial was finished. I was no longer able to get anything from the stores. It kept saying across my screen "cardboard boxes are most addivtive" some thing like that. But I couldn't get anymore items!!! 5 star

Reviewing to get in-game coins. Don't really understand the point of this game yet. Nor can I really say if its fun or not. A few random clicks and some weird cats march across the screen....just not getting it yet Worth it!

Cute game. You have to pay or watch ads to progress. I watched ads with the sound off. If you watch an ad and then give it to a small child, the child might enjoy the Parade of cats without seeing the ad. I found the story pointless. love it

Amazing game! Lots of fun facts about cats to? But why they sooo slow???? Pls fix But over all is a wpnderfull game mybcat freaks at all the meowing lol Good

This is the cutest game I've literally ever played in my life. It's really relaxing and so much fun. I love the corny text and emoticons that pop up!! The story is sooooo cute. I totally recommend this game. Well done!!

Its fun and time consuming! Just make sure you dony have something important to do, because this game will make you play for hours hehe. Cool

It's a good game for waiting rooms and such. Really calming so also good for cooling down after something stressful love it

This app is so cute! To be honest it's addicting and I can not stop playing it! The only slightly annoying things is the adds in the corner. But overall it's pretty great Great job

It's so cute anf fun! The only problem is that sometimes, it will say there is a new item in the shop, but then it doesn't show up. Highly Recommend.

Is there a way to pay to get rid of the banner ads and pop up ads? They're the only thing preventing me from enjoying the game Fantastic

Its not technically fun since its just tapping to get coins but I love seeing the new cats that come it. Its just super addicting so it's great Just wow

Super cute and silly. I dont even own cats but this is waaay better, no poop to clean up! Great job

Decent Game, overall it has a cute concept. PROS: Made for cat lovers, you can choose how you want your room to look, quite easy to obtain coins, very simple concept, great time consumer, no real penalties, in-app purchases are not necessary, Adorable game for most ages. CONS: Random Ads tend to pop up, the text that goes past the screen EVERYTIME you unlock anything can quickly become obnoxious, There isn't enough space to place all toys so you have to remove the old ones to advance which means some cats will eat and leave, You can't freely place toys (20+ toys) because they have only 8 slots for them, Ghost randomly pick up cats (no control over them even though your MC is a ghost), you cant place or move cats yourself and lastly the storyline is meh. Omg

Super cute. If you liked Neko Atsume but grew bored of the slow pace this is the game for you. It goes about 100x faster. Works perfectly

Cute game, very simple and mindless controls. Altogether took about 7 hours to collect everything and finish the story. There's in-app purchase options but honestly didn't come close to needing to do that. Well done!!

Its ok... People who enjoy neko atsume may enjoy this.. But this hv less vibrant colour... But with stories to unlock.. Suggestion: 1. show item in shop instead of just locked icon.. to make people feel more interested to hv the item. 2. Can tap on the entire screen instead just tht small pink square at the bottom right. 3.Can control the ghost (us) to pick up the cat. 4. Have other ghost that is collected from story to linger in room too.. xD Not bad

On second thought, this game has better ending than twilight movie. A little man tears drop a bit. Well done the developers team. Fabulous!

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